POW Update: Eleanor Bailey

Our team met today and reflected on the process of creating our joint model. We discussed the next steps in or project and how we would tackle them. We also created a design matrix to evaluate our customer needs and rank their importance. We included how our sample product we got met those needs and what could be improved in our product.

The needs we discussed and decided on today were comfort, accessibility, affordability, appearance, and mobility. These are all of the qualities we consider most important in the designing and selling of a product. We know from experience that how comfortable a product is really affects the customer, so we ranked that number one. In wearing our reference product for one whole day, the best part was taking it off. I found it so incredibly uncomfortable that I could barely focus on its other features.

Mobility is also a major factor in designing our product. It won’t be successful if it impairs the customer’s movement, ESPECIALLY if the product is meant to be worn in gameplay. Therefore, we ranked this number two. Mobility in our sample product was sufficient enough depending on how tight I wore it. If it was too tight, I found flexion of my elbow to be difficult, but seeing as how the product is supposed to prevent certain injuries, this relatively insignificant.


I also worked with Julia on creating a logo today. We attempted to use paint but found it rather difficult. I decided to go next-door and try to work the problem on adobe illustrator but I am not well versed enough in the program to create a logo just yet. I will attempt it again next class after doing a little research and watching some tutorials.

We have started our preliminary design proposal and are already working hard. Our communication with each other works really well and we have been really productive these past couple of classes. I look forward to really getting the ball rolling and seeing this project come together. The future is bright for POW!

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