Revision & Prospect of Rejoin Inc. Shana F

With endlessly enthusiasm and indefatigable determination, ours the Rejoint Inc. Company has started from the bottom to contribute to the medical industry of protective device of knee joint. Within three weeks of productive team-work, we have stridden the first step of our long and challenging journey which is the finished knee joint model. Because our company is a democratic cooperation and always pursues perfection. For the sake of aesthetics and be more realistic, we accepted the suggestion from one of our team numbers which was to use clay instead of bicycle tube for muscle. At first, we were a whit lazy to touch our finished model and let it go, but thanked for her persistence, the final result turned out to be beyond good that we were able to not only avoid the ugly blackness of bicycle tube while be more adherent to  reality. Following is a picture of our beautiful knee joint model


Actually, I really enjoyed to record these revisions we made during the process where we have been able to show our growth as well as show the value and meaning of team work. Again and again we reunion from disagreements and refine our opinions, through the process of discarding the flaw and absorbing merit from each one of us, we have been able to reach the perfection behind. I hope we can preserve this team characteristic in the future, so that we will be able to make a really awesome model.

Talking about prospect, despite our team spirit, the just started second stride is to determine customer need which is beyond exciting, challenging and vital. This section involves customer interview and observation which will orient our design direction. So that I don’t think I need to gush about its importance. Products which are pertinent to customers’ need can be sold. The market is not a stage provided for you to show off but a war required maneuvers targeting the weakness of your “enemy” who is customer. You need to understand them before to make strategies of “capture”. “If you want to win one hundred war without defeat, you need to know both yourself and your competitors.” So that, our company decided to purchase an on-selling knee protective device and wear it by ourselves. Look this a picture!

20160126_111138             20160126_111033

Based on this experience, we’ll be able to come up interview questions which are more applicable and practical. Plus, gratefully our amazing teacher provide us an article  about methodologies of knowing customer’s need. which is very helpful. Right now, our Rejoint Inc. company feels beyond confident and ready to get in touch with our customers.

Here is just another footprint of Rejoint Inc. Another memory section worthy to be cherished, to be chosen not to forget.



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