DerbyPro progress- Diana Garcia

This semester we started our DAP project. We began by choosing our team members which in our class everyone decided to stay with the same team as last semester, then we choose our team name and our team roles. After that we were instructed that the whole class was working to protect the human body from a certain sport which in our case is roller derby. We were told that each team was going to get a different joint to create a device to protect it from this particular sport. In other to learn more about our joint (the ankle) we did any activities, like the chicken dissection. In this activity we got the part of the chicken that was the most similar to our joint so we got the chicken foot as you can observe below. By doing this activity we got to see how a lot of the tissues (skin, fat, muscle, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and bones) interact with each other to make this joint work. As of right now we are finishing building our joint. We decided to build our model out of PVC pipe and wood to build the two longest bones which are the tibia and the fibula. We also used magic model to make the smaller bones such as he talus and many more, pipe cleaners were also used to make the tendons, ligaments, and some of the muscles.

 received_854803357999055                                                IMAG0295                                                    IMAG0296

During our research we have learned a lot about the devices that are already in the market, in fact we have ordered a device to test it and experience it our selves what parts of the joint are being protected the most and the material that it is made of so that we can have something to start off with and improve.

McDavid Classic White Lightweight Laced Ankle Brace , Black, mediumSo far I have been able to collaborate very well with my team members because when ever someone needs help with something there is always someone there to support them. I think that we are working very well together because our team leader always divides up the parts so that we can get everything done on time. We have also been really good at sharing and respecting each others ideas, we take all of them into consideration even if they don’t sound like the best choices but I think that is what makes us a good team because we are always willing to put all of our collaboration into the projects with a good attitude.


4 thoughts on “DerbyPro progress- Diana Garcia

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  1. I really liked how you added what your joint model was made out of! It was a pretty good description. I also liked how you mentioned and added about your device that you ordered online because there are many ankle braces that work for the same joint but look very different. I liked how you talked about the project overall. Good job.
    -Araceli Rodriguez

  2. It’s good how you explained how well you work with your team members and how you show respect to eachother. I like the idea of how your using wood and other sturdy materials to make your model. It’s good that ya’ll divide the work up and impressive you could attach all the bones in the ankle with the legs bones as well. I’m interested to see what ya’ll are making to protect the ankle or a roller derby skater. 🙂
    -Maggie Saucedo

  3. It’s cool how you mentioned that what you learned from your previous project really helped you to improve this current project. I like how you and your team help each other and contribute your ideas/opinions to the model, it’s what makes it unique. I can tell from your pictures that you did a lot of research on your joint and I’m excited to see what your team creates 🙂
    -Jennifer Molina

  4. I really like how you mentioned everything you did during the process, as well as you describing your opinion on the project. I also really liked how you told us your thoughts during all of this. Choosing the right brace is hard, but its gonna be even harder when it comes to making it right and good for the customer. Good job on your post, you were very descriptive.
    – Erica Guajardo

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