Can We Fix It? // Sarahi V.

Since the last post on January the 21st, which wasn’t so long ago our model that was in construction is now finally done. The model was created to provide a visual of our joint, proving that we have much more of an understanding of its function after we had done the chicken dissection which was quite the event let me tell you.

Our prototype before that appreciable changes by Isabella Aguilar were made

The picture I took was actually taken before team member, Isabella, decided to make some big tweaks on the model. She removed the bike tubes, and the white string. It looked like a mess, but Isa took initiative and made some smart changes that we are all very thankful for. She replaced the bike tire tubes which were used to represent the muscle, and the string that represented the tendons and replaced it with some more aesthetically pleasing clay. It looks much better now, the only things that did stay was the PVC pipe (bones), the wood block (patella), saran wrap (cartilage), many rubber bands (ligaments), and the green fabric (fat). So far as a team I say we work very well, today we managed to get the exhibit card in about 15 minutes by splitting parts within it and assigning it to different members for example Shana hand drew a diagram, while Ally wrote down the basic information, and I listed some of the injuries, work harder not smarter. Shana, being our new member has been working hard ever since the start of Rejoint Inc., that applies to everybody in our team as well.

I see a great future for us, I’m extremely confident that we will do very well and all of this hard work will pay off (eventually). Today the discussion of customer interviews was sparked, now, this was one of the things my last team struggled with. With more information from our target customers, putting together an actual prototype and such will help us a lot. Ally does play soccer, but the rest of us have barely any knowledge on what it feels like to frequently put your knee through rigorous activities such as soccer. Thankfully, that last project was to give us a gist of what the actually DAP would be like. This time we will be sure of interviewing many more people, in an article talking about how to avoid bad customer development questions it claims that “Any question that starts with the solution already biases people’s expectations” it’s also bolded, meaning it’s pretty important. In other words, avoid the words “I’m building…” which is something that I did a lot when doing customer interviews. I’d usually begin with an introduction of our company, and then our product which was not only time consuming but also unnecessary. Our knee stabilizer that we will use to compare build our prototype off of came in today, we will be taking turns wearing it and getting first hand experiences on what it feels like to wear something similar to the product that we will be constructing later on.

Isabella, decided to be the first one to wear the stabilizer. “I feel like my knee is popping out the hole like a sausage” – Isabella A.

As I said earlier, I am extremely confident that Rejoint Inc. will accomplish a lot and we have a bright future ahead of us. Until next time!


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