Human Relief Update- Priscilla O.

Currently our team, Human Relief is constructing our active and moving ankle model to help us further understand the ankle joint and it’s surroundings. During the first class we had to work on our model in the Makerspace we had a great idea that consisted of white tubes and plastic rubber bands until we came to realize that the model was too tight making it impossible to move it. Quickly we had to brainstorm a new idea and that’s how we came to think of using the red wires to make it tight but also able to move. From that idea the team decided to use wood scratches and drill two holes on the top base as well of one of the lateral sides so that they would touch and the wire could pass through them to the other piece of wood with symmetrical holes.  Later we added some cushion to the heel  and topped/ covered with the soft white stretchy material. IMG_0211IMG_0202.jpg

We hope that we can make something to help prevent ankle injuries in any sport since walking is essential in most of them, but running sports such as soccer and basketball will be our main focus since they consist of the person running or moving. Currently our research consists of understanding the basic injuries of the ankle from sprains to Achilles tendinitis. We are also learning the anatomy of the ankle and all the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint. It’s fundamental we know about this so that our final proposal doesn’t malfunction or hurt any other parts instead of helping. We are also taking into consideration some exercises that are already out in the public to prevent ankle injuries and/or strengthen our ankles and then thinking of ways our prototype can be incorporated in them.

As we looked on Amazon we hope our model turns out like a band wrapped around the ankle and since most bands don’t include protection to the foot fingers we hope to make that one of our targets as well. As mentioned the band will prevent and maybe even help before and/or after an injury. One model we really liked was the “Pinstripes White Hem Ankle Support Sport Protectors Pair” since it allows movement and provides protection. The only concern would be to maybe add more padding since it may rip or get damaged. 

Pinstripes White Hem Ankle Support Sport Protectors Pair


As the semester progresses, I pray that my team will continue to work hard and put energy into the work and if every member of us does their work and collaborates with each other then this DAP proposal will be a success.

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