Disc-Located : Capri J. , Ishajanek O. , Jenie M.

Our team name is Disc-Located, because of the joint chosen to create our product (shoulder). Disc-located was created by Capri Johnson, the Monitor/ Evaluator, Ishajanek Overton, the Resource/Investigator, and Jenie Jaimes, the Completer/Finisher.

Working as a team involves a lot of challenges and skills that are much needed when working with others, especially when working with the same group for a long period of time you, have to learn how to adjust and accommodate with each other in order to able work together in a productive and friendly environment. Throughout the last semester we worked in the same group as of now and seemed to work very well together, despite minor flaws. Our team has to learn how to stay on task we tend to focus on other things other than actual work when it is something we didn’t want to do or something we finished quickly.

The first joint choice chose was the shoulder which is a ball and socket joint. The ball and socket joints are limited to the shoulders and the hip. We are interested in the shoulder joint due to having similar stories of having family members that played baseball and dislocated the joint which occurs most with this sport, which would be good to learn more about. It’s also not as common to be injured, which makes it better for us to learn more about this particular joint. Some existing devices that already exist for this joint are ARC 2.0 Shoulder Elastic Shoulder Wrap, Breg Shoulder Functional Stabilizer and the Shock Doctor Ultra Shoulder Support.


arc2positions  41Zq02u7q7L._SY355_  download

Our second joint choice was the ankle, which is a hinge joint. Since the movements made by this joint limited the movements made are dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of the foot. The ankle consist of 3 major bones the fibula and tibia which is in the leg and the talus which is located in the foot. Our team wanted to do this joint because it is a common joint damaged and injured by people of all ages. This joint also sustains many different injuries unlike the other joints, this is also a reason we didn’t pick this joint because it is a joint many people are familiar with when injured but the shoulder joint isn’t as common.

For this project we will be making a design project for our joint choice, interviews to see what the clients like, actual designing of our design like a prototype, and we will also research how this affects other people.Disc-located should be allowed to continue research and further designs for the shoulder joint because this is a joint we feel very passionate about and this is a joint many people overlook due to the fact that they are not informed of the injuries the shoulder can get.

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