Save a Joint (DAP): Stephanie, Jennifer, Jackie and Paola

Our team, Save a Joint, is made up of Jennifer Molina as the the Team Leader, Stephanie Labrador as the Resource/Investigator, Jackie Galvan as the Team Worker and Paola Escobedo as the Specialist. During the first semester, our group worked well together that is why we decides to stay together as a group. We were all able to get our work done, making the final product the best that it could be. As a group we had good communication skills, everyone was easy to reach and there was no trouble to contact a team member because we all answered at a timely matter. Working as a team improved our creativity for new ideas, there was never bad ideas. We took everything into consideration, and gave our honest opinions. At times we did get off topic, but we were still able to get the work done. To improve for this semester the team leader should point out to us when we are getting off topic and we should go straight back to work, or as a team if we notice that we are all not on task, we should give ourselves assignments or part of the project to do so we would have something to distract us, and have our mind set. We should also not try to slack off or put anything to the last minute or be dependent when we shouldn’t be.

The ankle is one of the important joints on our body, without we wouldn’t be able to have proper movement. It took interest in our group to create a device for the ankle is because there aren’t much products for the ankle, they are mostly ankle braces. We would like to create an ankle device not only preventing further injury, but to be more successful in helping the person get healed quicker, a less chance of hurting the ankle while wearing it.

Some devices that are used for injured ankles are contracture boots, ankle braces, plastic/carbon fiber AFOs, post op shoes, and night splints.

This is the Plastic/Carbon fiber AFOs 
This product is Night Splints


Our second choice for a joint is the wrist. This joint is very helpful to the arm and for the body because it gives us a benefit of being able to do more with the hand. This joint can also be fragile and could be injured easily. The joint type is condyloid and its articulating bones are the radius, carpals and ulna. We took interest for this joint as our second because it helps us with a lot of things and it has a small variety of products that help the joint when it is injured.

The DAP project will consist of days of research and interviews concerning ankle (and possibly wrist) interactions through motion and injuries. As we research, our team will brainstorm ideas on creating a new product or improving on an existing one as well as think of the materials that we think are crucial to protecting our joint. Our team will then create a prototype of our ‘final’ product, which will help us figure out a way to make our product better or brainstorm better materials to prevent future joint injuries. In order for this to happen, our team requests permission to continue with our joint and figure out a way to prevent it from being injured.

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