Human Relief (Leyla Z, Yadira I, and Priscilla O)

Hello, we are Human Relief, this semester we will innovate a device to help prevent injuries to the ankle. Our team consists of Yadira, who will be our team leader as well as our Monitor/Evaluator. Priscilla, who will be the shaper and lastly, Leyla will be the team worker. As a team we all agreed that for a successful DAP Project outcome, we will work together efficiently, and communicate with each other as well as always being on top of our work. For this semester we plan to embody this mission statement, so we can stay on track and create the best prototype we can to protect the joint we get assigned.

For this project we wish to be able to work with the ankle since we believe it is pron to many forceful impacts also it’s used quite often in our daily life. The ankle is used in a lot of sports using coordination and sports are a big activity in our community. Some products that serve to protect the ankle are SureSport Ultra 8 Plantar Fasciitis Foot / Ankle Compression Sleeve, ACE ankle support, and the Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve.

The second joint we where interested in was the knee because 2 of the members in our team have been through many obstacles with knee problems during there daily and athletic life. To us this shows a big market towards information on many stories of knee injuries therefore allowing us to improve upon existing designs.

The project will be a long process and work time for research and also for building. The process of our product with consists of research for about a month with some proposal trial (shark tank). Revise proposal and begin on the prototype to present. Then we will test our prototype to adjust what is needed to be changed. After long hours of testing and adjusting we will conclude to our final product and present our product. We would like to request in producing a product for the ankle as it plays an important factor in our daily life as well as in sports or in jobs, because it is the drive to our hand.


The Human Relief (Yadira, Leyla, and Priscilla)

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