POW- Mariana, Julia, Adeila,Eleanor

Hey, we are POW (Protecting Others Worldwide) and we plan to make the world a better place by preventing injuries in joints and muscles. The team members in POW are Julia the Coordinator, Eleanor the Specialist, Adeila the Implementer and Mariana the Completer. Our different views and skills will contribute to the making of this product to make it succeed.

 As a team we agreed that last semester, there was slacking off, not very effective communication, not much interest and not enough detailed research was done. We plan to improve this by being more thorough, detailed and if we cannot accomplish a task we will inform our team mates so someone else can complete them.

Now moving on to our first choice joint, the knee. The knee is a hinge joint that contains the femur and tibia as its articulating bones. We decided to pick the knee because its susceptible to injury meaning, that there are many different injuries that occur with the knee, so there will be a wide variety to what we could do. Current devices that are used to protect the knee from further damage MCDAVID Level 2 Knee Strap / patellaCopper Fit Pro Series Knee Sleeve which can be found in in Dicks Sporting Goods and Thermo Knee Support created by Valentin Sports Medicine Innovation. Our second choice joint is the Elbow, which is a hinge joint and contains the ulna and humerus as its articulating bones. We found the elbow interesting because its something that is not really reported on people getting injured.  

We request the knee as our joint because it has many risks of injury and our product can have different things to what it can help decrease injury.

The purpose of this project is to use our knowledge and skills from last semester on joints and muscles to create a product that prevents injuries. In this case we are requesting the knee, where we will create a unique innovative product to decrease and prevent injuries. Through this process we will be brainstorming and collaborating ideas. We will also be doing interviews on possible costumers to identify the needs and once all of that is decided we will create a working prototype and a proposal but along the way we will be improving it. We will also learn how to sale our product and lastly create our product and test it out. In the end we will be presenting it to a panel of people in that field, and we will do that by creating a presentation.


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