OrthoDocs – Vania N., Zaira R., Brenda V., Apolonia V.

Our team is OrthoDocs which consists of Vania N.: Completer/Team Leader, Zaira R.: Coordinator, Brenda V.: Resource/Investigator and Apolonia V.: Solver. The Fall semester was a semester of trial and error, it mostly involved miscommunication through team members as well as sometimes not having every team member be cooperative. When work needed to be completed, not every team member contributed the same productivity in the project, which sometimes led to frustration.

Our team plans to have a successful semester by making sure that there is constant communication, cooperation and as well as making sure that every assignment is of high quality. We also plan to be as flexible as possible if needed as well as respecting one another in the ideas that one might suggest.

Our first choice joint would be the shoulder which is a ball and socket joint consisting of the scapula and humerus as the articulating bones. The shoulder has a potential of being injured through many different sports and causing different degrees of injury. It can be injured through sports such as football, baseball, wrestling, tennis, etc

Anatomy of the shoulder. Articulating bones include the scapula and humerus.

, some injuries may occur from overuse or collision with another person. Some available devices currently on the market include shoulder braces, shoulder compression wrap and shoulder pads. We are interested in developing a product to prevent injuries in the shoulder because the shoulder is a very important factor in having proper mobility in the arm. It’s also essential to perform daily tasks.

Our second choice of joint would be the elbow which is a hinge joint consisting of the humerus and ulna as articulating bones. The elbow can be injured through many different sports such as soccer, wrestling, baseball, etc. Injuries can range from different severities and can all have different treatments. We are interested in the elbow joint because if the elbow were to be injured, it can limit the mobility in the arm and limit the daily tasks that need to be completed.

The purpose for this project is to learn more about a certain joint in the body, the anatomy in the arm. This project will also aid in developing new skills needed for potential careers in the medical field. As time progresses, we will research the joint to then develop a product to be built as a prototype, only later on to fully develop the product to prevent an injury. Along the entire process, there will be many steps to complete such as performing customer interviews. brainstorming, designing products, material research and building the final product.

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