DerbyPro ( Emma P, Diana G, Erica G, Araceli R)

Our Team Name is DerbyPro, Professional Protection. Our team members are Emma Pineda as the Implementer, Diana Garcia as theMonittor/evaluator, Erica Guajardo the team worker, and Araceli Rodriguez as the implementer. Last semester was a mix of trial and error and putting all our effort into the last similar project about the TBI’s. Even though we had a good outcome, this semester we want to have a great one. We all decided that in order for that to happen we have to put all of effort in and be 100% totally focused in class and if we have to work on it outside of class we will. We also came to a conclusion that because the DAP is a big deal and an important project and grade, there will be stress but we will get through it and hopefully get an amazing grade.

We are requesting to do the ankle joint for the DAP. It is a hinge joint , that consist of the talus, tibia, and fibula, as viewed below with the image by



Ankle injuries are higher with sports with jumping such as basketball, or sports with quick direction change, such as soccer or football. The protection that they have for ankles currently is ankle bracesankle sleeves, and shin guards with ankle protection. We are interested in this joint of how it works, how the injuries occur, and how we can improve the protection that is already out in the market.


Our second request is the knee joint. The knee joint is also a Hinge joint just like the ankle joint. This joint is composed of two bones which are the femur and the tibia as you can see in the picture below by Kidport. The patella is not considered as  part of the articulating bones of the knee because that one is like a floating bone that is not connected to anything as you can observe in the diagram below.

The knee is one of our requests because this joint has a very high risk of getting injured while playing soccer. We also choose it because there is many items that were invented to prevent this type of injury, but we still hear that it happens a lot. The items that are already out in the market are the Ultra Flex Athletics Best Knee Brace And Support Open Patella, Compression Knee Sleeve, Premium Knee Brace Support, as well as many more. We are very interested in improving these knee braces to help reduce the risk of injury for this joint.

The purpose of this project is to gain even more knowledge of the joint we choose/were assigned to help prevent injuries to it, which we are requesting the ankle. With what we have learned and will learn, we will create a new and unique innovation that will work better than the innovations already out in the market. After we go through customer interviews, find out their needs, brainstorm, we will come up with one convincing idea, and work off of that to create a working prototype. Of course, we will then after go through to improving the prototype, as well as our proposals. We will also be learning how to sale our innovation, and making it possible to reach the markets. Later on we are going to be making a product testing and evaluation plan to continue to test our product. At the end everything will be due, and we will begin to work on our presentations,where we will present our innovation to the public.



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