DAP Project Application (Roberta S, Brianna P, Areon B,Odessa D)

DAP Project Application

Team Member Name Role
Brianna Plaza Team Leader/ Coordinator
Roberta Sarkodee-Adoo Shaper/ Solver
Odessa Dukes Investigator/ Finisher
Areon Bradford Implementer/ Evaluator


  • Last semester our team was called Infinity and we were given a task to make a device that prevents traumatic brain and head injury. We ended up making a device called The Arrow which was a helmet that was able to withstand hard blows to the head and was very comfortable. Our group was overall successful but we faced some challenges and difficulties especially during the presentation part of our project. The specific challenges we faced were procrastination while creating our presentation, we had little communication about the project amongst ourselves, and there was no balance in the amount of work each team member was doing. This semester our team wants to be able to take feedback well to be able to solve the problem, to not procrastinate on presentation days, and to communicate better.
  • Our first choice for the joint we will create a prototype for is the Wrist. The Wrist is a Condyloid joint and it’s articulating bones are the Carpals and Radius. The Wrist’s mechanisms of injury are fractures, sprains or dislocation of the wrist while punching something. The reason that we found interest in the Wrist is because we wanted to involve boxing. Some examples of products that already exist for the Wrist joint are the Mouse Mitt which reliefs and protect the Wrist from pain, the Muller Wrist Brace which provides support from fractures and is used in a wide range of sports, the Clutch Wrist Support which supports the Wrist ability to bend, and the Back On Track Wrist brace which reflects body warmth and relieves Wrist pain.  Our second choice is the Knee, it is a Hinge Joint. The Knee articulating bones are the Femur and Tibia. The mechanisms of injury are fractures, tearing of ligaments or dislocation while running. The reason we found interest in the Knee joint is because we wanted to involve sports such as track or soccer.
  • Based on the project’s schedule the final presentation date is in April, blog posts are due every six weeks, the final prototype is due on April the seventh, and all paperwork is due on April the twenty-ninth. We ask that you would kindly accept our request to work on our first choice so that we will be able to have a greater chance to succeed in this project.

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