New Project, New Me – Emily G.

This semester, we are completing our DAP project, and that in itself, is terrifying. Another terrifying aspect is that I have taken on the “Project Manager” role, meaning I have new responsibilities I am not used to. However, I am excited, because I will get to create a cohesive experience for this entire project. Thinking about having one client to create a whole set of protective gear for, it’s a bit of pressure. However I think it’s going to be very fun because everyone has such different ideas about everything, that I do believe we’ll be able to create something truly useful. By the end of the project, I hope for everyone to feel confident and comfortable in what they’re talking about, and what everyone else is explaining as well. Today, I have started researching to try and find our client, and I am leaning towards a roller girl. Not only because of how high contact of a sport it is, but also because we will be designing for a sport that inherently empowers women. I contacted the skate store Medusa Skates to see if the owner, a roller girl, would help out our project.

medusa skates

I also contacted an old friend about her stepmother, whom I’ve known since I was about six. Her stepmother has worked at Playland Skate Center -which now includes a pro skate shop- for many years. I know she knows a lot about skating injuries and how the mechanisms of such injuries occur.


I am hoping for our final product, that it is useful enough that our client wants to use or sell our ideas. I am very excited for this project, and I hope to make our client, our teacher, and each other proud.

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