DAP Project Application – Maggie Saucedo, Lily Yepez, Ebheni Henderson, Emmaline Jeansonne

Our team name is The Joint Protection Project. Our team members consist of Ebheni Henderson as the coordinator and team leader, Maggie Saucedo as the Completer/Finisher, Lily Yepez as the Specialist and Emmaline Jeansonne the shaper. During the first semester we worked well together but many times lacked motivation to do extra work outside of class, and this semester our plan is to take initiative to lessen our work load/stress, hopefully resulting in a better grade overall.

We request to focus on the knuckle joint for our DAP project. The knuckle is a metacarpophalangeal joint, and the articulating bones (the two bones involved in this joint) are the phalanges and metacarpals.

This image was retrieved from the HealthHype website and shows what bones compose each joints.

Most injuries to the knuckles are caused by closed fist activities, mainly boxing, and the products intended to protect them include:

  1. Finger friends
  2. Boxing gloves
  3. Knuckle Guards

We are interested in the this joint becauce we are curious about how injuries to the knuckles occur and what protection was already out here and how it can be improved.

Our second choice joint is the spine which is a cartilaginous joint. It would be designed to prevent spinal disc problems in swimmers, mainly spondylolysis. This injury is caused by swimming with an improper dolphin kick techniques and overuse. We are interested because we have noticed any type of protection for this specific problem that is already out there. We are also interested because one of our team members is involved with swimming and thought about solving this problem before.

This image was retrieved from the HealthHype website and shows the parts of the spine that are related the problem we are addressing.

Throughout this project we will be researching anatomy and joints and from what we learn, we will then create a new type of device that will protect the joint of our choice. In the process of creating the prototype which we consist of tests, brainstorming, customer interviews, and such things like that. We will then start a design proposal that will be revised by our peers, and then we will be introduced to modeling and then continue to work on our prototype, making sure it works and improving it and also learning to sale it in the market.  Following that we will from a product testing and evaluation plan and continue testing the product and our biomedical research and then our prototype will be due and following that we will work on our presentations to a judging panel and we request to continue with our first joint selection.

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