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Age & Sex of who is mostly injured
Age & Sex of who is mostly injured

Skateboarding is a very interactive sport among teenagers, more specifically teenage boys, and also professional athletes dedicated to skateboarding. Many of theses skateboarders don’t use helmets when they involve in this recreational sport, increasing their chances of getting a head injury after an accident. Have you heard in the news of terrible skateboarding accidents that happen? Well, Skateboarders need a solution to head injuries, this problem has be affecting many teenagers and athletes from all over the world. Head injuries are an important topic because a simple accident can cause many life changing injuries that will affect that person for the rest of their life. For example a skateboarder named Brian Applegate, was a star athlete. After a skateboarding accident he has had to relearn everything after the accident due to the severe injuries his brain took. He had to spend 5 weeks in coma and also undergo many surgeries. The hours he could have been spending improving upon his athletic skills he had to spend in rehabilitation learning again many basic tasks such as walking or talking. Inspired by this our goal is to have our helmet be able to protect the most targeted areas skateboarding accidents cause, allowing the skateboarder to enjoy this amazing sport without having to worry about this problem.

Types of injuries
Types of injuries

Skateboarding is a fun activity that many teenagers do and some adults as well. With skateboarding we want it to be a sport where we don’t have to worry about any injuries happening while you are skating. Men are the ones commonly getting injured with an average of 85% although it can affect women too it’s more commonly seen in men. Back in 2009 alone there was an average of almost 75,000 skateboard injuries. We would love to see this number decrease with our helmet. These injuries often occur at ramp parks but range when it comes to injuries.

Injuries coming from skateboarding can either be:

Fractures: a skater could be skating and hit a pebble or rock on the road and when he/she is falling they could his their head on the cement or road and it could end in a fracture and this is dangerous because if they have a fracture little pieces of the skull could insert themselves into the brain and cause a whole new injury.

Concussions: a skater could be doing a really cool trick on the side of the road and he could mess up his trick and fall landing on his head resulting into a concussion since the head jerks to the front of the brain and keeps going back and forth until it stops hitting the back of the brain ending in another injury (Coupe Injury).

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