Tecnología Fútbol asegurar – Emmaline,Lily,Ebheni,Maggie

Our Company’s Mission

“Secure Soccer Technology is dedicated to securing the brains or soccer players around the globe, protecting them from traumatic brain injury and future complications. ”

How can we prevent soccer head injuries in children and young adults?

The way we can prevent soccer head injuries in children and young adults is by creating headgear for players that will help prevent concussions and TBI(traumatic brain injury), the reason that we entered this business is because there is protective gear made but, it’s bulky and not everyone wears it. That’s where we come in, we will create a unique and safe design that will not only be stylish but, very protective to its athlete.

In soccer most players don’t leave out of the season without a concussion, we want to change that because concussions always come back in the long run. Habitually collision is the most likely cause for acute head injuries in soccer players that are treated in emergency rooms. The front of the head experienced more headers than the other locations. Header impacts ranged in peak linear acceleration from 4.5 g to 62.9 g and in peak angular head acceleration from 444.8 to 8869.1 (Hanlon EM,  2012). Several studies have shown that concussion rates in soccer are comparable to, and often exceed those of, other contact sports. As many as 22% of all soccer injuries are concussions.Head injury during soccer is usually the result of either “direct contact” or contact with the ball while “heading” the ball. (Levy ML et.al., 2012). Here is a chart of the average size of the head depending on stage of life. (Craft Yarn Council, 2015)



In the image above is an already marketed soccer helmet, what our team needs to do is create something more appealing that has protection resembling to this design. All the improvements that this design would have to do is make it more appealing to the customer and more comfortable that’s what we’re going to do.

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