Asfali Mosh Helmets (Isabella Aguilar, Brenda Vazquez, Ally Wait and Sarahi Villalobos)

Over the past 10 years moshing has become an increasing activity and has heightened by as much as 6 times since 2005. Older teens and young adults participating in mosh pits which can potentially harm their heads with injuries such as broken noses, concussions, black eye, sprained neck, or have consequences such as death.

Our group is made up of four sophomores at the Ann Richards School: Isabella Aguilar, Ally Wait, Brenda Vazquez and Sarahi Villalobos. Our company “Asfali Mosh” is dedicated to providing safety and comfort to our customers during mosh activity so that they can continue doing the activities they love without being in harm’s way.

Although injuries in a mosh pit may seem like a small problem, head injuries really do affect a lot of people. In fact outside the United States 22 people have died over the past 4 years due to mosh pits, and in the U.S, there have been 9 mosh related deaths between 1994 and 2006. Besides these deaths there have been countless injuries and hospital visits.

Right now there is nothing on the market for head injury prevention in mosh pits. So our plan is to make a fashionable helmet, with ventilation that protects a person’s nose, head, face, jaw, the front of your head, and the back of the head along with the spinal cord.

Asfali Mosh Logo

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