Breeding Greatness! -Areon B. Odessa D. Roberta S. Brianna P.

The problem:

The problem that needs to resolved is head injury within horse riders. This problem has been occurring for a long time and affects people of different ages and backgrounds. The reason why head injury is an important topic is because a person may have serious injuries that can after their lives. For example, a person may get a concussion after an accident and lose their memory due to the brain becoming damaged. Right below this you can observe the picture and see one of the helmets already created. This helmet does have special characteristics, but both ours and this designers helmet has one goal in mind. Protect the horseback riders from any potential injuries or damages. (


Our company:

In our company, Infinity, we have four members with different skills that have influenced our design for a solution to this problem. Infinity is an acronym for Intelligent, Noble, Flexibility, Innovative, Nurturing, Inspiring, Truthful, and Youthful. Which is a list of traits that our members hope to carry with them from the company, Infinity, represent. Areon; the team leader, Roberta; the physiologist, Odessa; research specialist, and Brianna; the advertising agent. Our company goal/ mission statement is too provide equestrians an opportunity to ride safely as possible and have protection if an incident were to occur.
capture 3

The solution/data:

A solution to this issue is essential because the number of people spending a night in the hospital due to an accident has raised a significant amount. According to NEISS data 2007, 78,279 people visited the emergency room as a result from horse riding related injuries. Head injuries compromised about 15 percent, or 11,759 of these visits. It is also the number one reason for hospital admissions and leading cause of death. Also, 100 deaths per year are estimated to come from equestrian-related activities, with 10-20 times as many head injuries occurring for each fatality. 

Injury mechanisms:

In horse back riding, there is a high possibility of receiving a traumatic injury to the head although most deaths don’t come from falling off a horse, yet from traumatic brain injuries. Also, it is pretty common to experience a seizure after an accident.

In conclusion, our company can prevent brain damage with our unique and sustainable design. Our company’s helmet will finally bring a solution to this long-lasting problem.

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