Sheep Dissection Guide- Haley, Viviana, Dimanique and Savannah

Hey Guys,

It’s Haley, Viviana, Dimanique and Savannah here again to educate you about the brain. This time we are here to tell you a little about the sheep brain through a dissection guide video! In this video you will learn about the different functions and locations of parts of the sheep brain though actual pictures of our dissection.

From our dissection we made me many observations about the sheep brain and the structures within it. Not only was it very fun, buhat the process gave us real experience cutting along different planes and identifying different structures. We were able to use a lot of the medical terminology that we had learned before in actual context. Overall the dissection taught us many skills, but the most important was being able to have a hands on experience with an actual sheep brain because it helped to improve our understanding of our own brains.

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