Sheep Brain Dissection Video 3A Jackie G, Paola E, Jennifer M, Stephanie L.

This is our sheep brain dissection video to help the 7th graders on their dissection in class. In class we’ve been learning about the human brain and the sheep brain and how it affects our bodies/our everyday life. Now we want to share our new found knowledge with the 7th graders! In this video we talked about the functions of the brain including the frontal lobe, the occipital lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and many more. We hope this video gave the 7th graders a better understanding of the sheep brain and what it’s capable of.

Making this video was a fun experience for us. We learned more about the parts that make up the sheep brain  and what they do. There are many different parts that help the sheep eat, breathe, move etc. Our teamwork skills improved and our abilities did as well. We also learned that if the brain is damaged then it could impact your body as well. An example would be if the temporal lobe was damaged, it would lead to memory loss. Overall we gained a deeper knowledge of the brain and how it affects our everyday lives.


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