Sheep Brain Dissection – Mariana M., Julia M., Annable M., Cynthia R.

Hello everyone, The Master Minds here wanting to inform you from our latest adventure, THE SHEEP BRIAN. This year in our class of Biomedical Innovations we are learning about the different things that the brain does and how injuring it can affect the human body, and what a better way to learn about the brain than by dissecting one that’s similar to ours. In this screen cast we have created we will be showing you guys the different components of the brain, its locations and its functions. We hope you guys enjoy learning about the brain and this helps you with your dissection.

In this project we enjoyed visually seeing the brain and its structures. It was fun and interesting to feel and touch a brain and find the different parts of it even though it was a bit difficult. Overall we enjoyed dissecting the brain and will like to do something like this again any day.

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