Sheep Brain – Diana G. Araceli Erica Emma

In this video you will see some important things to do when dissecting, but most of all you will learn the different parts of the brain, of how they work and where they are located. You will hopefully learn many of the things that you should know before the dissection, it will make it easier to distinguish all the parts, and you will learn it’s main functions for our bodies.

We have been learning of the brain for quite a while now, there are many parts of the brain, and in the beginning it was hard to remember all the parts and their functions, but it seems like this project helped us a lot to understand it even better. Because we were teaching others, we had to make sure we where saying the correct information, and that required more research, which gave us more information that was helpful for us and the viewers. We got a lot out of this project because it was just reviewing, we knew many of the things, some not as much, and this project helped us learn better because we hand to know them in order to teach the viewers.  The whole group now has a better understanding of the brain and it’s components, because of the dissection and the video, refreshed our minds, and helped us have a better grasp on the brain.

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