SUPER FUN SHEEP BRAIN DISSECTION! -Ebheni H., Emmaline J., Lily Y., Maggie S.

Hello lovely science people! We are about to embark on a wonderful adventure filled with sheep brains. We will be showing you how to identify areas of the brain, and how to dissect properly. Please watch the video below to learn more!


In this lab, we learned how to properly use dissection tools, most specifically the scalpel and probe. We got to see an inside view of the brain we have talked so much about these last few weeks. We could see all the little parts that we have been studying, and got perspective on the delicacy of the brain. It was very interesting to see the differences between the human and sheep brain. We got a more accurate portrayal of how the brain looks, and how to locate minute details that would otherwise be overlooked. We noticed that the brain is very delicate and soft, and we took note that it must be very difficult to be a brain surgeon, especially because even tiny parts of the brain are so very vital to an animals existence. If we were ever to redo this dissection, we would be more careful and precise, take our time identifying each part of the brain, and be more familiar with the sheep brain in general. We came across some difficulty when we dissected, because we accidentally cut some necessary parts in half, and therefor mutilated necessary parts we needed to identify.

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