Sheep Brain Dissection – Krysta H, Rinda G, Keira N, Cindy M.

This year in Biomedical Innovations we are studying the areas of the brain and all of its functions. To further advance our research and understanding of the brain, we have successfully dissected a sheep’s brain and labeled and described a number of areas that make up the brain. In a number of ways the human brain and the sheep brain are very similar, specifically in it’s shape and structure. In the video, you will get to see a record of our lab experiment in photographs as well as helpful descriptions that will allow you to get an idea of what your dissection will be like. We hope you feel inspired to go out and have an amazing and successful dissection!










Overall, our dissection process went very smoothly and accurately. We were able to successfully identify and describe all parts of the brain. We are confident that you will all have a much better understanding of the location and functions of the parts of the brain. While we have, like you, participated in dissection before, this has been a beneficial experience for our group. After this, we have gotten more in depth on the anatomy of the brain and during this process also learned a lot about lab safety.

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