No Pain No Brain! (Adeila O., Apolonia V., Zaira R., Vania N.)

Hi, our team consists of 4 students, Adeila, Zaira, Vania, and Apolonia. We have learned a bit about the Parietal Lobe and we are going to share knowledge that we have over that portion of the brain.

The parietal lobe is posterior to the frontal lobe. The Parietal lobe is essential to the brain because it processes pain, temperature, touch and pressure. If your Parietal Lobe gets damaged, conflicts will arise that would affect daily life. With damage to the Parietal Lobe, you may lose senses in your hands and feet, sense of pain, it might also make your vision unclear/blurry.

It has an area known as the primary sensory area, where impulses from the skin are processed as painful, warm or cold. The more information of touch that the Parietal Lobe is receiving, the more surface area is being used to process all of the information.

Not only does the Parietal Lobe identify sense of touch and pain, it also has an area known as the Parietal Lobeparietal association cortex that allows us to interpret distance, size of objects, the ability to read and understand both written language and mathematical problems.

Damage to the Parietal Lobe could cause the following:Parietal Lobe




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