Cerebellum here we come! -Mariana M., Julia M., Cynthia R., Annabel M.

Hey there! Its Cynthia, Mariana, Annabel, and Julia. Our team is filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice. We bring different characteristics to the table and come together to create THE MASTER MINDS. Today we will be talking about the Cerebellum’s functions, possible injuries and its components, so let’s get to it! But before we jump in to the fun read this joke to prepare you for the fun. “Hey Girl, Did you damage my cerebellum? Cuz I m falling all Featured imageover the place for you”

I bet we can all agree that was a good joke now to the exiting part, the Cerebellum. This is very important part of the brain; the Cerebellum to be exact is located in the posterior part of the brain, inferior to the Occipital and Temporal Lobe, but lateral to the brain stem. This section of the brain is very important, just like any other part of the brain, but the Cerebellum’s major function is muscle coordination and balance. This section of the brain will help you maintain your balance on a tight rope or help you do your dance, cheer leading routine or even help you during your marching show.

In the Cerebellum you can find many different parts to it and each and one of them are important. Some sections of the Cerebellum are the Anterior Lobe, Arbor Vitae, Cerebellar Nucleus, Cerebellar Cortex, Posterior Lobe, and different peduncles, and there all very important because without one part the Cerebellum will not function the same way. It’s just like a car, if you missing one part it will not function correctly or not even work at all.

Just like everything else in your body the Cerebellum too can be injured just like any other part of the brain. The Cerebellum has multiple possible injuries, one of the possible injuries would be Asynergia,which is best defined as the lack of coordination in the muscles leading to jerkiness and overreactions. Adiadochokinesia is another injury that could occur; this injury will make it more difficult for the person to perform rapid, rapidly repeated motions. Not only will injuries affect body movement but also the eyes, Nystagmus is uncontrollable, fast eye movements. Now you know to protect you Cerebellum or else face the consequences.

Did you also know that the Cerebellum is like a mini brain, isn’t that cool.The Master Minds would agree that the Cerebellum is a very important part of the brain and without it who knows what life would be like, well we know for sure that we would have trouble walking and not be able to balance. So protect you Cerebellum!!!

That is all for today, till next time!

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