Learn to Lobe your Frontal Lobe (Emmaline-Maggie-Lily-Ebheni)

Looks like you already used your frontal lobe because you made the decision to read this article, and you won’t be disappointed. Our team which consists of four teenage students in the tenth grade, by the names of Lily, Maggie, Ebheni and Emmaline have learned enough about the frontal lobe to share with you. Continue reading this post to fall in “lobe” with your frontal lobe.
The Frontal Lobe is one of the most important areas of the brain. Every time you make a decision, whether you are deciding where to buy ice cream or where to go to college, the frontal lobe is working for you. As you move your left arm you are using your frontal lobe. When you speak your mind, make political choices, make a joke, choose friends, choose the class you are taking or decide whether you will be happy, sad or inappropriate today, you are making use of your frontal lobe. Just imagine how different you would be if you didn’t have one! You could never make decisions, have personality, move specific parts of your body or control the way you think.
According to The Brain Made Simple, the frontal lobe carries out higher mental processes such as thinking, decision making and planning. The frontal lobe is not only one of the most important lobes of the brain, it is also the largest. People involved in frontal lobe injuries often report changed behaviors like differed personality traits, changed way of thinking and involuntary movement. According to Frontal Lobe Experts, “Damage to this vital lobe can cause impairments in judgment, attention span and organizational ability, as well as a loss of motivation. In addition, the frontal lobes are charged with the task of regulating mood and emotions. Consequently, when they are compromised, a patient may become impulsive, act rashly, and adopt risky behaviors such as substance abuse.” Also taking from an article on American Psychological Association a doctor says “”We now know that many of the drugs of abuse target not just those aspects of the brain that alter things like emotion, but also areas that affect our ability to control cognitive operations,” says Herb Weingartner, PhD, of the Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).”
As for location, the frontal lobe is in the anterior of the brain. The two sub components of the frontal lobe are the broca’s area and the motor area. If either of these areas is injured or removed from the brain, paralysis and fine motor movements could be greatly affected. For example, if the motor area is affected by a traumatic injury, paralysis of an entire side of the body is possible. If the broca’s area is partially removed or traumatized, speech could be greatly affected, resulting in turmoil for you and those around you.
To conclude, the Frontal Lobe is one of the most important parts of the brain and could not only be affected by massive impact but, by controlled substances. So if you take anything away from this article, please take this: Lobe your Frontal Lobe, because it Lobes you.

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  1. It is crazy to think that the wildly different personalities of all my friends depends on their frontal lobes. It is that one part of their brain that effects not only how they act now, but also very far into their future, because their futures depend on the decisions they make now. I wonder how much someone’s frontal lobe depends on memory and experience versus how much depends on the way it was when they were born. When someone consistently makes bad decisions, is it because they just have a bad frontal lobe? Or is it also influenced by their experience? Frontal lobes become more and more interesting the further I read.

    1. Thanks Ally, for taking so much thought into your comment. It makes us feel very special to know that we have supporters in our journey on researching the frontal lobe.

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