One Team One Temporal Lobe- Brianna P, Areon B, Roberta S, Odessa D.

The Avengers have been assembled together to research more about a very important part of the human brain, the temporal lobe! Our team was hand picked from the very best, each coming together with a special characteristic. Plaza B. was especially picked for her research and organizational skills. While Dukes O. came to the group bringing her creativity. Next Sarkodee- Adoo R. came to help include more research and knowledge skills. Finally Bradford A. was the last installment to the team bringing her leadership skills, to make sure the team stays on task at all times. Today the Avengers have discovered great new information, that we would like to share with you today!

Functions + Location:

Major functions in the temporal lobe include receiving sensory information such as sounds and speech from the ears, interpreting visual imagery and establishing object recognition. Also, it is believed that the medial temporal lobes are responsible for storing long term memory. This includes the Hippocampi, which is very important for memory storage.  It is located beneath the lateral fissure on both cerebral hemispheres of the brain.

Why should we care about our Temporal Lobe:

The temporal lobe is an essential part of the brain which helps us understand meaningful speech, thanks to the temporal lobe, we are able to comprehend what a person is telling us. What makes this part of the brain different from the others is that, this lobe can make sense between different pitches being transmitted from the sensory receptors in the ears.

Effects of injury to the Temporal Lobe:

Now when talking about the dangers of injuring the Temporal Lobe there are thousand of possibilities. One of the main effects of injuring the Temporal Lobe can be having trouble placing words/pictures into different categories. This is just one out of the many effects you can have after being impacted by the injury. There are many more such as language skill impairment, and long term memory lost. If we were to talk about specific sides of the Temporal Lobe such as the right side there could be the possibility of inability to recollect nonverbal materials. (Music, and drawings) Finally if the left side was to be injured it would result in inability to recognize words/verbal material.

To conclude all the information above the Temporal Lobe is a very big key component to the brain! The information provided above is just a small portion of the greater information found on the Temporal Lobe. Below you can find helpful resources to help guide you in search. Thank you for the time to read our blog post!

 Avengers out!

Helpful Resources!

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