Art of the Thali: Finished & Ready to Go (Isha P)

At our station at the Make-O-Rama we presented a variety of items. One of our items was Oceane’s computer where we displayed the preview of our cookbook. The students were able to scroll through the book, look at some of our recipes and pictures, and see some of our health benefits and insights into the dishes. Anjali and I also brought in two dishes from two different regions of India to give away as samples to the students or teachers that stopped by our table. One of the samples was a drink called Mango Lassi. It was extremely popular: everyone loved the sweet refreshing taste of mango. I brought in a West Indian dish from the state of Gujarat called Bataka nu Shaak. It consists of sliced potatoes with a variety of spices and seasonings. Many people told us that they loved the little spice kick they felt at the end after taking a bite. Everyone was super excited at the notion of being able to purchase our cookbook online (particularly one of our teachers, Ms. Dadmehr). They were also extremely happy that we would be selling it on iBooks for free!

This is a dish we cooked from the region of West India.
This is a dish we cooked from the region of West India.

With that in mind, I believe the extent of this project will be publishing it on iBooks (hopefully Apple will accept our cookbook and it will be available soon). I had an amazing time learning how to cook a wide variety of Indian dishes and compiling it in a way that will allow it to be distributed to many people. However, I don’t see myself making millions off of this publication. I think it was a great learning experience because I worked with a new software that I can use again in the future if need be.

At the beginning of this project, Anjali, Oceane, and I had many different ideas for the format of our cookbook. Our final project is very different from our initial brainstorming sessions. In the beginning, we wanted to create a cookbook for every region, but with breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes for each. We also wanted to create a physical cookbook. We were going to learn how to bind a book and would print our recipes into the book. However, we wanted to be able to distribute our book to many people. With only one physical book, we wouldn’t have been able to do that. With the help of iBooks, we will be able to distribute our cookbook to whoever would like to read it. I am glad that we are able to share our work with others.

This is a dish from the region of South India. It is filled with a lot of protein and is extremely delicious.
This is a dish from the region of South India. It is filled with a lot of protein and is extremely delicious.

If I was able to go back to the beginning of this project, I would tell myself that we need to plan in advance all of our cooking days. On the days that we went off campus to cook some of our dishes, we felt extremely rushed. We needed to get the ingredients, cook the food, clean up, bring it back, and have people taste our dishes. It was hectic and difficult. That would be the only thing I would change if I had a second chance.

Our group has worked extremely hard on this cookbook. None of us had any extensive knowledge of Indian cooking and cuisine; Oceane hadn’t even tried Indian food before! I am proud of the dishes we have included in our cookbook and I am happy with how they turned out. All three of us learned valuable skills that we can take away into our adult lives. I would give us a 95 as a grade. We made mistakes along the way, but our end product was quality work and it shows how hard we have worked for the past three months.

This project was difficult, but very fun. I really enjoyed our class field trips, cooking, and testing our food on our fellow classmates. I look forward to seeing our cookbook in iBooks and hopefully it can be of use to people who want to cook some amazing Indian food!

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  1. Wow, what a great way to end the semester with a finish product. I think its amazing how all of you were able to experience the joy of cooking and not only cooking foods you eat everyday but foods from your own culture. Unlike me I don’t ever cook and try new things but I wish I could have made it to ya’lls station to try the Mango Lassi and Bataka Nu Shaak. A little confusion I have is I thought the cookbook only included actual food and not drinks but I think it’s very cool and adds a spin to just a regular cookbook that contains meals only. Due to me trying to eat healthier and needing meals to cook in college if the cookbook becomes available on iBooks I would like to download it and try to make some of the dishes. So best of luck with apple accepting the cook book. Again great job!

    Jada Washington

  2. Ya’ll’s process is super impressive. I don’t believe I tried all that much Indian food and am bummed out I couldn’t make it to ya’lls station. Im sure if I did I would have agreed with all the great comments made about the dishes. Another impressive quality was the fact that ya’ll worked to make it available on iBooks. Its great you can share your success.

    Maggie Saucedo

  3. I remember your station, but unfortunately I didn’t get to try the Mango Lassi. It was way too popular that you guys ran out of it. But I tried the Bataka nu Shaak, it was really good. I remembered some people couldn’t take the hot spices but me on the other hand loved the spicy taste, especially Indian Food.
    I liked how you wanted to share your knowledge about the making of Indian Food with everyone that you put it on ibooks. I thought that was smart and kind. I also would like to say is that I love how your group learned a lot about Indian Food but in the same time had fun while learning.
    I would want to do the same since I love learning about different cultures especially cooking their types of foods.

  4. I haven’t tried Indian food before but with y’all description make it sound mouth watering and done with effort. It seems like a really nice idea because we’re really far away from India and we don’t really get that Indian feel with the food as we would if we actually lived in India. I look forward to downloading that eBook and try some Indian recipes, well done.

  5. I’ve never tried Indian food, but looking at the pictures you guys posted it made me crave it because I like spicy food. The Mango thing yall made, made me want it, does it taste like a shake? If i would of done this project I would of loved it because I love cooking and learning about different cultures around the world.

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