All Said and Done -Desiree R.

Unfortunately I was not able to make it to Make-O-Rama for disciplinary reasons. But when I spoke to my partner Rosa about how it went she told me she was able to show our poster but not our actual project because it had been moved from where we left it. She also told me that presenting to Ms. Goka had been awkward, so I responded with “it could have been worse, but at least its over now.”

Our ending product was completely different from what we thought we would prevent at the beginning. We thought we would be presenting a whole functioning coffee machine/alarm clock or at least an app that actually worked enough to push a button and brew coffee. Instead we ended up presenting a Rube Goldberg Machine although not really because it couldn’t be found. If I had the ability to start this project again I would do so much differently. I would probably start a project that was reasonable enough to complete and I would actually be available to present with my team.

This project helped me with capstone in various ways. I learned to overcome a lot of difficulties and personal opinions to move on for the sake of the project and to be proud of the final outcome because it could always be worse. I experienced a lot going through this project that experienced while going through the Capstone project but all in all it has made me a better person and better prepared for the future during college and/or in my career. I learned teamwork skills, communication skills and I got a lot of experience using these skills. i found no idea is to crazy cause it just might work.

The advice I would give to students beginning a project similar to this one is “Stick to your ground and believe in yourself and you’re team and keep a open mind because literally anything is possible.” The most challenging part of this project was trying to keep up with the flow of changes we were making but the most fun part of this project was actually creating and experiencing getting things to work.

Regarding the project now it was a fun headache while it lasted and I’m glad its over. Although I do not plan on continuing it I have no idea what Rosa plans to do with it. I think it was a good experience for the both of us so it wasn’t a complete waste of time and energy. I liked when we actually enjoyed working on the project and when we actually felt as if we accomplished things.

I would give my team a grade of 90 because although everything didn’t go as planned I’m really proud of how far we got  and what we accomplished and over came. We probably didn’t handle every situation as we should have but we did a really good job and I couldn’t be more proud of us. In the beginning I thought this project was thew worst thing in America but its really not because the experience and skills you learn from it are amazing and make you a better person and teammate through and through.

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  1. I like how forthcoming you were about your product, why you weren’t there, and your feeling to the project (without making it seem like you were throwing your partner out of the bus). I also like how you took all the frustration you may have had during the process and turned into to something more on the positive side. I am sorry though that your partner was uncomfortable during presentations, because that was definitely uncalled for. As well as, for the fact that your product disappeared so close to presentations, that must have been difficult. –Stormy D.

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