This is The End (stormy, savannah, ramesha,erika, and ana)

For the last time, Hi World,

I hope all is well. We have reached the point of no return. We have finished (mostly) what we set out to do. After all the trials and tribulations we have reached an end. We’d say it was bitter sweet, but unfortunately we are just relieved. Don’t take us the wrong way it wasn’t that it was terrible it was that we didn’t get a chance to showcase all we did (because of unexpected problems). But, We persevered.

At Make-O-Rama we didn’t have a conventional display. Instead we had Instillation. Our instillation being us, Handing out safety goggles, sweeping wood byproducts, and making sure all production space safety rules are being followed. Most were semi annoyed that no matter the circumstances the moment they stepped into the production area. Some got even more annoyed when we walked around to make sure they were wearing goggles and following the rules. Although we tried to keep it semi light hearted, by phrasing the worst case scenario and saying, “A nail through the eye is not a fashion statement” or “a scalped head is not a fashion statement”.Safety-First-2-500x500

Our product wasn’t presented in a way where we could show case our work, we had to use what we learned from Mr. Connell and rules that we made for others to follow. We made sure that everyone in the production lab was following all of the safety rules, which some weren’t to happy about.

If we could go back and start the project over again, we would work on communication with the advisers so we know what was wanted from us. We could  have scheduled more meetings and ask more questions when things were unclear. As a group I think we wish we could have finished our project with the rest of the other groups and would have loved to show all of the work that we put into it at the Make-O-Rama.

This project was similar to capstone, we were able to use these skills from this project because we had to make it specific for a “client” and what they want. We also had to research and work under a short period of time, with a lot of stress.20150414_095520

What we have taken from this project and can apply it to our further schooling in college is working with group members and setting deadlines for ourselves. As well as holding ourselves accountable for the work to be done within the time period. We learned to take advantage of the resources around us.

One thing we would like to let another group know/ a little advise for them would be, be prepared to start over, make changes, and add components you wouldn’t have thought of, as well as being open minded to criticism. In our experience we had to start over multiple times and change our game plan, add new things, and in return we had a product that was different yet pertain to our original idea. tumblr_inline_mul9jm6ned1rw58s1

Our project is/was never really ours. We just had the opportunity to be a part of a bigger project that will be continued over a period longer than a year. It is no longer in our hands. Mr. Connell will take everything we have done and mesh it together till he creates a final product worthy of the makerspace.

Over all I think our group deserves a 95, because as there’s always room for improvements. And, because through everything we persevered and did our all. We used out time wisely. Worked accordingly. And, even though not everything we did was presented, we are still proud of the work that was completed. We don’t know what the rest of today holds, but we hope for the best.


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  1. It was great that you all were reminding people to be safe in the Maker Space. I saw a lot of girls that didn’t have any safety equipment on and that was a safety hazard. Also, I agree with you all about having communications with our advisers. That was a somewhat problem to some of us and maybe having communication around would of made this Senior Project easier. Another thing I agree on is that this was similar to Capstone. I believe that it helped us a little with Capstone by preparing us with having finish products, deliverable s, and having communication to our future clients and even with our business partners. Overall like I said you all were great with helping around with the safety requirements and cleaning around when it was needed. Great job!
    -Nelly Contreras

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