Scarlet (Eco-Bin) by Savannah P., Rachel Z., Karina M., and Brittany H.

This is what our display was during Make-O-Rama. The members of Scarlet would answered any questions that were asked by the people that walked passed the booth. Additionally, the board that we had on display showed people that worked that we previous did with the pediatric wheel and the transition to the Eco-Bin. We also had a presentation playing while people were going by.

A screen shoot of our presentation.
A screen shoot of our presentation.
The setup for our presentation.
The setup for our presentation.
Our prototype and the Galileo board.
Our prototype and the Galileo board.
The “About Us” page of our presentation

When people passed by our booth, their reactions were of surprise. Some of the younger children were confused about what our product was because they thought that we made the Galileo board. Ms. DiCuffa and Mrs. Goka came by to see what our project was about and when we gave them our small presentation they were pleasantly surprised and believed that it was a great idea. Ms. DiCuffa went on to tell us about how it could be a project that could make itself during college. Mrs. Goka thought it was very innovative and then took pictures.

Brittany: I personally wouldn’t have made the ipad presentation as we easily were able to talk to the students and teachers because the groups that came were smaller than expected. The hours it took to create the presentation on ipresent was not worth the 40 minutes of no one really touching it. The trifold was enough for them, and Mr. Ward was very interested in finding out what we were creating. He was the first teacher we presented to so it was a good experience for us.

Overall, there isn’t that much that the team would change in your presentation. One thing that we would probably would have wanted to add to our presentation would be that the pressure sensor would have taken some measures to show the audience.

Skills that we’re going to take out of this project would be that a better understanding of coding and the skills of using different kinds of program that we utilized. Another skill that we obtained was wiring a Galileo board and troubleshooting when we had an issue.¬†Overall, we were able to become better presenters, write blogs, and write formal deliverables.

Our advice would be to look for items that haven’t been innovated that much compared to other items that are commonly used. For example, we first started with creating a pediatric wheelchair. We didn’t realized that these kinds of wheelchair have been innovated the most. Also the materials that we had available weren’t well-suited for the task that we needed to do. Another piece of advice would be manage your time well. Sometimes we can to rush to get things done and they weren’t done well unfortunately.

Our future plans would be to place it on a self to remind us of this learning experience. Also if one of us wanted to pursue our project further on, then they will have the prototype right or have an idea of what do to next.

The grade that the group deserves would be a 95 because everyone had to learn how to code and work the Galileo board. We did countless research on the Galileo board and the parts that would work with the board. Our original plan had to be revised, though we weren’t able to get materials due to outside factors such as the budget, if it were possible, our coding would’ve worked. While at first the idea may have seemed drab to outside sources, once they heard our presentation, it was an “Ah, Hah.” moment for most people. Mrs. Jo had one of those moments when we presented in class.

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