Results on our magnificent Make O Rama booth- R. Villescaz

The first ever Make-O-Rama fair was last friday and it was very eventful. There were many different things to learn at each booth, how to make a bracelet, organic lip balm, and so many other cool things. Overall I had lots of fun.

As you may recall, R.a.D. Co presented Rube Goldberg Machines! The younger students who I thought learned about Rube Goldberg Machines in 7th Grade PLTW, didn’t know what the machine was at all. So I taught some students what it is and the background of these machines.

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you plan. And you can choose to learn from it or be salty about it. So I was a solo worker and on the day of, my Rube Goldberg Machine was no where to be found. I checked every place that it could have possibly been, but no materials. My educated guess would be that someone picked up our box and used it for materials.

I had initially wanted to have some simple rube goldberg materials out and have the students build a quick one to get a ball from point A to point B. Unfortunately, that was not a reality. I instead presented the poster that we made and from there explained.

I plan to make Rube Goldberg machines in the future, nothing for a project, but just for fun. I also want to eventually make an app with the MIT App Inventor that we played around with.

If I could do this project all over again, I would start with the Rube Goldberg machine at the beginning of the semester. We had about 4 days total to build a working Machine, which is not enough for it to fit my standards. Another thing that I would do differently is communication. I am a introverted learner and I prefer to work on something alone rather with a group. Even though I ended up doing most of the work, I would work on more communications.

I would give a future presenter the advice to have patients with it, as this was the first time for the Make-O-Rama.

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  1. It’s very cool that you were able to teach the middle-schoolers about Rube Goldberg machines and I’m sorry that you had to do most the work on your own but the fact that you were able to make some type of impact on the middle-schoolers is amazing in terms of teaching them new things. Maybe if you do something similar again, you should make sure that you put your project in an area were it wont get touched. What did your Rube Goldberg machine do? How do you think you could have improved your Rube Goldberg machine if it had not been thrown away? But over all I love the idea of making Rube Goldberg machines for everyday life so that way it can teach children the importance of designing and not just using other peoples designs and innovations. -Sabrina Lomeli

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