J SPA-Yaqoob

At the Make-o-Rama, I showed an orange poster that contained some information about my product, I set up a keyboard and J SPA Keyboard Pillow next to the keyboard. I also set up a chair by the table so the customers and audience are able to sit and test the product (see diagram 1)

Many of the audience who were passing by me wondered about the pillow that was set up next to the keyboard and the chair. Those who came by were drawn by the poster name, they loved the pillow and found it as the most comfortable pillow for the wrist.

My product and presentation were similar to what I thought at the beginning of the school year. At the beginning of the year I imagined displaying my pillow next to a keyboard so people could see the effective of the keyboard pillow on the wrist, however I didn’t imagine the product would be more simple than what I thought previously. I imagined my product to have wood board on the bottom but I changed it to no wood so it can be easy to carry and use.

If I had the opportunity to go back and start this project over again I would make a prototype first and then start with a final. This year, I wasted my time making the prototype perfect thinking it would be my final product but then it got messy so I was wasting my time to make the prototype perfect. However, I was able to

Building the keyboard pillow by myself using the sewing machine have made me realize that I’m better working on hands than working with a computer, it made me reflect if I had the opportunity again to chose a group for Capstone presentation, I would chose either Resource Redesign because with Resource Redesign they were able to build something from scratch and it is something that I want to do; get my hands dirty.

The advice that I would give other students is that you have to plan it very well, sketch out and write down detailed measurements, and make  a prototype before you make your final product.

The most challenging parts of this project are setting up the sewing machine, cutting down exact and precise measurements, and planning my time. The most fun is building a product on my own that I could use in the future.

I plan to make make another J SPA’s keyboard pillow with the company name “J SPA” on it, advertise it on social media and see if it sell. If not I will just keep it for myself and use it when I have pain when typing.

I would give myself a 100 due to the fact I used every class time to work on finishing the product, and I was able to finish it on time and make a poster to present it. I didn’t make major modifications that I was unable to adapt, infact all of my modification has helped me create this prototype a better product.

Orginial photo taken by Ms. Miesner.
Diagram 1: J SPA Keyboard Pillow presentation Original photo taken by Ms. Miesner

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  1. I am glad you were able to get good feedback on your product. It definitely seems to be something that would be very comfortable. I wish I would have been able to test it out. You should definitely keep the original prototype and use it in college because typing is something you will have to do constantly and your product will make it a more comfortable experience. Did you ever think about maybe creating an intructable to teach others how to make it? Or maybe you can teach some of your college classmates to make one since they might experience the same issue. Overall great job!


  2. This sounds awesome. I have seen some things such as what you created at Office Depot for over forty dollars. For high school students at Ann Richards that do a majority of work typing on the computer the pillow for your wrist would be really helpful. I think that something so serious was taken and made simple by your group and that is good because it is important to find cheaper and easier ideas when money is such a huge factor.

  3. I think that’s awesome that you created something small and unique. I know my mom does a lot of desk work since she is a manager and her wrists are always hurting due to how much typing she does on a day to day basis. I also think it’s really neat how you learned something through it such as sewing. Not many can do that, and I think it’s really cool that now you’re able to. I wish that I could of seen your booth and tested it out.
    -Idalis Maldonado

  4. I came by your booth and tried out the wrist pillows. They were extremely comfortable and something I would definitely invest in. I’ve used keyboard cushions before (like this one – http://3219a2.medialib.glogster.com/media/4a/4aa72eb190e9cf621b029c69a4912ab736f17d1bdd67b3db86a78bc73343ac6e/keyboard-wrist-gel-mouse-pad-jpg.jpg)…but I have to say your design is much more comfortable. It’s really impressive that you learned how to sew with a sewing machine and made these all yourself. During the Make-O-Rama, I saw many people stop by your table to try out your product. It was neat that your station was interactive instead of you just explaining what your final product was. Great job!!

    -Sofia Hruby

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