GOODBYE COMFORT4U: Amanda, Brianna, Gaby

Hello to all! Well here is Comfort4U’s construction team’s final blog post and it’ll be all about the MAKE-O-RAMA!

Firstly what we showed at the Make-O-Rama was our seat cushion. Along with our seat cushion we had two poster boards that showed our future marketing plan, our need for it in the first place and our data from testing our cushion on students.

Final product
Final product

While working our shift at the make-o-Rama we noticed that people were timid and did not really understand what the chair was. We had to tell them to sit on the chair and their initial response was “wow!”. For example our math teacher Mrs. Dadmehr said that this would be great for students in the classroom and asked when the rest would be done for her class. The students would sit in the chair longer than the teachers to take in the comfort. The students asked if the chair was customizable and if they could buy their own due to spreading germs. Most importantly everyone that came by the display liked the idea and found the chair cushion comfortable.

In the beginning of the product I truly believed that we would not have a final prototype. I feel that our product at the make-o-rama was so close to what we imagined the final product to me. In the beginning we pretty much had a good idea of what we wanted the product to look like. We wanted to use furniture foam which we did, and then we pictured having straps on the furniture foam to hold the product down. The only thing that was different was that our two pieces were not sewn together. And that is something we envisioned in the beginning.

Now that we have presented we do not have any further plans. As part of the construction team our work here is done. We do not plan to continue on with the leaders of Comfort4U however if our help is needed we would be willing to help them reconstruct the cushion.

Gaby working hard
Gaby working hard

Overall I think our group deserves a 92 because we stuck with Comfort4U the whole semester. We as a group joined Comfort 4U and took on building an idea that we had never seen before. The engineers of Comfort 4U had never worked with a sewing machine before or furniture foam. It took a lot of time to learn and practice cutting and sewing different types of fabric to make sure that our final prototype was good enough to present at the Make-O-Rama.

*All pictures taken by members of Comfort4U

3 thoughts on “GOODBYE COMFORT4U: Amanda, Brianna, Gaby

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  1. I’m glad you finished with such good results! I noticed that in class you guys always were working hard and I know you did a lot of testing to make sure the product would be useful and more comfortable than what was already on the market. It’s hard to stick with an idea for so long and still have motivation to keep working on it, especially if you hit set backs or aren’t incredibly invested in the project to begin with, so it’s impressive that you did. I think you had a great idea with this product and could definitely see it being useful in the classroom setting. If you wanted to continue this design, there is a market for these devices, but I understand why you aren’t interested in continuing.

    –Rachel Z.

  2. I absolutely loved your project idea/plan and at the Make-O- Rama I actually got to see it up close. I like the idea of a customizable seat cushion. I know that when I am in class I can only sit there for so long because the chairs are not comfortable and they tend to give me back pains.So when I tried your prototype I definitely wanted one for myself. The progress that you made and the skills that you have acquired from this project are ones that I too wish to master. I have always wanted to learn how to sew. Overall you all did a great job and and I am sad to see this project come to an end. Loved your idea and I hope that someone else along the line makes something similar for future implementations.
    -Stephanie P

  3. I admire how your group was able to stick to the project. I believe that ya’ll had a very great idea and I admire you for sticking to it. The idea of a comfortable chair is really interesting and definitely qualifies as an idea that will truly change the world. Great job ladies, the hard work paid off. I hope you are proud of your final project. -Andrea C.

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