Comfort4U- Ramos, Horr, Vargas, Abad

The Comfort4U final presentation at Make-o-Rama
The Comfort4U final presentation at Make-o-Rama
One of our many observers sampling our Comfort Cushion final prototype.
One of our many observers sampling our Comfort Cushion final prototype.
Team members Deanna, and Gabriela presenting our final prototype and information.
Team members Deanna, and Gabriela presenting our final prototype and information.

At Make-o-Rama our group presented our final product which was a presentation board filled with information that Marketing and Research gathered over the weeks. This information included our customer profile, competitor profile, marketing strategy, research, experimental data and test results, experimental conclusion, and extra tidbits of facts and quotes we felt embodied our mission and research. We also presented our final prototype strapped to a chair and invited others to sit in our chair and experience the difference in comfort compared to the standard school chair. We asked them to rate their level of comfort from a scale of one to ten, ten being best amount of comfort and one being the worst level of comfort. It was exciting to see that 100 % of the people who tried our cushions rated the chair no less than a five.

Our final product, the Comfort Cushion, is pretty different physically from what we originally set out to do in the very beginning, which was to create a whole new chair design. Yet we were proud to see that our main purpose to create a device that would improve and innovate the way students sit in school chairs by utilizing comfort was able to be carried through to our final product. We learned from this experience the importance of revising and revisionism, and that sometimes simple solutions can make the biggest impacts.

While the Comfort4U team has had such a memorable experience working on our project, the team has decided that we will be putting the Comfort Cushions on hold. We all had ambitious goals to begin with, and we were all so excited to see where our project would take us. We all hoped that your Comfort Cushions would really take off and not only be a huge hit at Ann Richards, but in all schools around the Austin ISD district. It would’ve also been really cool for each school to have their own customized sets of Comfort Cushions, designed to their school colors or logos. As much as Comfort4U would love to continue to work on a project that we together have worked for a couple of months, the reality right now is that next year we will all be heading off to different colleges. It won’t exactly be the same continuing a project that we all started together and won’t be able to complete together. We wouldn’t want to throw away our cushion because we really are proud of the work we’ve put into it. We are hoping to store it away for now so that the next generation of future innovators could continue to work on Comfort Cushions and take it above and beyond.

Reflecting on the progress that Comfort4U has undergone throughout these last couple of months, the original members of Comfort4U should receive a 98. In the beginning of the year we started off with the idea to improve the comfort of chairs. After doing customer interviews and discovering shocking statistics about the amount of time the average american sits down, the team targeted our product towards students. With that target market in mind we were able to do research that would contribute to the design of the “ideal chair.” We underwent a design process that consisted of group designs, a design matrix, and product requirements. By the winter we had done the research and finished the design for a chair prototype that incorporated the aspects of a chair that caused the most discomfort, the butt, back, and movement, more directed to students who tend to fidget. However, with the time crunch and lack of sufficient financial support the prospect of building a whole new chair model we decided to create a product that addressed the problems that our customers put the most stress on. We then decided to make a seat cover that can go over existing chairs and would solve the problems related to butt and back pain.

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  1. Wow, your product looks great. I remember seeing y’all in class working hard and testing it out with people sitting in it. I wish I could have got the chance to try it out at the Make-O-Rama. As for the whole change up and making something a little different than what you had set out to do, my group, the Production Lab Crew went through the same experience. We had to change and revise our product more than we thought we were going to, but in the end it was still similar to what we wanted to do. I am happy for you all and proud of the work you all did. Great job!

    -Savannah Ojeda

  2. Comfort4U is one of the very few teams that continued their project and still reach for the goal to create a comfortable experience at school. For that you all should be very proud of, although it wasn’t the same vision you all had in the beginning, it ended up being a more successful product. It would be a great idea to market the product for AISD schools, but it’s good that y’all aren’t completely getting rid of it because it is something different and something that students will be very happy to have. Awesome project and good luck in college!


  3. The poster and final product came out great! Throughout this semester y’all worked really hard and it shows. The idea of having comfortable cushions for schools is really attractive. Currently, the blue hard plastic chairs we sit on are awful. If our heavy backpacks aren’t giving us enough back pain, uncomfortable chairs are only adding the the problem. Also, when I’m sitting in class, I fidget a lot because I can not find a comfortable position in my chair. This takes away from my learning. I imagine that your product would not only help students be more comfortable during class but improve posture and learning. Congrats on a job well done!!

    -Sofia Hruby

  4. Pena
    I really like your idea of comfort for the classroom, and school in general. I liked to see your product develop over time. I think that this project will make students enjoy the day more, even the ones that can’t always sit still. There are problems with the school chairs, but we can’t do anything about it because we don’t pay for the furniture. I wonder if your idea will some day become real. The possibilities to changing the administrations minds wouldn’t be that hard, especially if we progress this project one step at a time, and just start with one classroom to test it out.

  5. I really enjoyed your presentation and I believe that it’s an extremely reasonable price. Compared to the really big companies that sell to schools at really high prices because they know they can since they have little competition; your product would surely quickly sell if it was advertised. I enjoyed the enthusiasm you had and that you made it possible for students to make it by making an instruction manual. Thanks for not working only for profit. Grear job!

  6. Isn’t fun changing an idea around? It sounds like y’all got to keep the basis of your project which is amazing! It would be great if someone could finish what y’all started because these chairs do need a lot of improvement. You should highlight the major difficulties that you overcame with making the seat cover so that future makers can understand the struggle. This base idea is amazing, and I hope someone will really pick it up.
    -Ilana Gutierrez

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