BB Enterprises Make-o-Rama Reflection (Nissa M., Dayanne A., Lourdes C., Georgia H.)

At the Make-O-Rama, our team, the BB Enterprises team presented our almost complete mural in the upstairs bathroom by Ms. Mathai’s classroom. Officially it is called the Ann Richards restroom because it has a bluebonnet field that represents Ann Richards being the first governor of Texas. Even though we did not have the chance to finish painting the restroom in time for the Make-O-Rama, we will paint famous quotes by Ann Richards on the inside of the stall doors to remind our students of a great role model.

This restroom represent Ann Richards being the first female governor in TX
This restroom represent Ann Richards being the first female governor in TX

When we finally opened the doors to the restrooms a lot of people were surprised and curious to see what was inside. We had closed the restroom for about a week to make sure that nobody messed with the paint and so we would spark interest in the students as to what was inside the restroom.When it was time for us to present the mural to the students we felt really proud of our work. We were also really happy when students came up to the restroom because we had thought that nobody was going to come up to see our mural since we were separated from the event.

Overall our team did an extraordinary job, since we had changed our project so much. We went from a blanket to an 8th grade module and our final project was a restroom mural. But if we had a chance to this over again we would have liked to actually say and shut down ideas since we didn’t always listen to each other. Also if we had a chance to do the mural again we would have like to believe a lot more on ourselves and gone for it (painting wise). We spent so much time trying to make a perfect stencil and trying to draw it out that it always looked bad and it was really discouraging. Once we actually decided to free hand it (because of time constraints) we really loved it.

If other groups were to start a similar project I would advise them to spend some time planning and being sure of the materials they will need to purchase since they are not cheap. But at the same time to make sure they don’t get discouraged if at first it doesn’t turn out the way they think it should look. And also they should not forget to have fun and believe in themselves. We believed in ourselves towards the end of the project and once we free- handed the mural it looked great. The most challenging part of this mural was the planning and creating rough drafts, but the most fun was when we actually got to get our hands dirty and actually paint.

The reason why we as a team decided to paint bluebonnet mural on the restrooms stalls was because as seniors we wanted to leave a little gift to our younger sisters and to our school. Even though we would be leaving our semester project at Ann Richards, we will take what we have learned with us. We learned to adapt, and learn new skills in a short period of time, and in college this will possibly come in handy.

For years we have complained about the restrooms being not so appealing, but we never did anything about it, until this year. We hope that when we leave, this mural will continue to adorn the restroom; we want to come back and visit and still see the mural there. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to paint the other restrooms but we would like for other students to take on this project next year, or the upcoming years, and finish what we didn’t. All of the restroom facilities in our school building should be as appealing as the restroom we “beautified”. Our group was not familiar with painting, especially not with painting murals, but we did a great job. Anyone could take on this project, and succeed. The students, teachers and administrators would sure enjoy the sight of a restroom filled with colors and inspiration.

6th graders really liked the mural, specially the sunset
6th graders really liked the mural, specially the sunset

When we were once again given a chance to fix or innovate something about the school our group was stumped. We had such a small school there really wasn’t anything to do with it. We came up with creating an oasis sort of thing where it would have a really relaxed atmosphere, it was inspired by yoga and meditating and the fact that this school is really stressful and we wanted to give people a place to unwind. The idea got approved but we had no where to create this relaxed space. Georgia wanted to kick the nurse out of her office because she is never there. We told her no and trashed the idea.

We then thought about how our bathrooms are ugly and have no school spirit.Our original plan was to re-decorate all of the school bathrooms. We even came up with themes for each of the bathrooms ranging from a galaxy themed one to a modern pop culture bathroom. The designs where based upon where the bathrooms were located such as if a bathroom was in the history wing then it would have a theme that would have something to do with history and the science bathroom something to do with science.

Our team thought that we would have enough time to be able to paint all of the bathrooms and redecorate them also but as our deadline approached we soon realized that we had bitten off more than we could chew and that we should focus more on painting one then if time allowed us we would do more bathrooms. Everyone was telling us that we should do an Ann Richards bathroom in the history wing so we did. We decided to make it Texan too by deciding on a mural of blue bonnets and a very southern sunset. There was a lot of trouble finding out what paint would stick to the plastic scratched up black doors. After visiting the Home Depot site and talking to someone we decided on chalk paint. Bear paint was not only too expensive but we would also have had to buy a primer and a top coat . Chalk paint would enable us to do one coat and it would be fine.

Georgia tells the students about chalk paint
Georgia tells the students about chalk paint

One of the hardest parts was figuring how many gallons of paint we would need and the conversion. We went into the bathroom and measured everything. There were a lot of mistakes in our calculations but we managed to figure out the right numbers and figure out the appropriate gallons of pain that we needed. Painting the whole bathroom required a lot of money and gallons of paint so we decided it would be best to only do the outside parts of the doors which were one of the worst looking doors. We set up a day to visit a studio on south congress that would provide us with paint. We bought all the necessary tools and colors to begin. Starting out painting was a little rough because none of us had ever dealt with painting anything before but luckily we had Ms . Jo there to guide us through it all, she gave us tips and helped out with the paint. We believe we deserve a 96 because we really did work hard during class and we even worked on it outside of it during advisory. We had a lot of fun and we appreciate the help from both Ms. Jo and Ms. Meisner.

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  1. I was wondering why the Middle school bathroom was closed last week and had a sign that said ” wet paint”. I finally know why. The mural looks so beautifully and well done. I am very glad that you guys decided to paint the bathroom doors because the bathrooms needed a bit of color. Also, with adding quotes from Ann Richards or other influential women, younger student will learn about them. A suggestion that I would give to your project if you could do it over again would probably be making this project into an eighth grade module. The module would be compromise of lesson about remaking used items or decorating things that we already have in our school like the bathrooms. Students would have to find creative ways to decorate the school. For example, they could add mosaics on pillars ( to make they prettier.
    As I was reading through the challenges that your team faced, I saw that some of the problem you guys had were similar to our similar problems. For the Scarlet team, we didn’t realize that our materials that we were going to use were expensive. I would say that price is a thing that must be kept in high regard during a project (something I learned through this project). -Karina Mendez

  2. It seems like you had a really fun project and you were able to be really creative. Its really beautiful and I liked the idea of you putting quotes on the stall doors I hope you go forth and finish the project. i hope that every year students can continue to paint the other restroom stalls especially the ones in the Middle School and High School locker rooms. Those are really awkward to use but eventually we will all have beautiful restrooms. Good Job and Good Luck.

  3. This is such a cool idea! I love the mural that you created on the bathroom stall doors! I know that some of our bathrooms aren’t always the most appealing places and now that you’ve created this, it makes the bathrooms much better! I like that your blog post talked about how your original idea evolved. Projects are always changing and it was interesting to read about how your project changed. I also loved the message your mural is giving to the other students.

    I am intrigued by the chalk paint that you used to paint the plastic doors in the bathroom. It seems like an interesting product and thanks to you guys, I will look into it if I need to paint anything. I recently learned that it is extremely healthy for humans and doesn’t give off any harmful VOCs.

    I hope that students in the upcoming years continue this idea because it is truly amazing. I would love to see what can be done to the other bathrooms.

    –Isha P.

  4. It is really nice to go up there and see the mural, it looks wonderful ladies! I love how simple but yet detailed it is all at once. It’s nice to know that we have a restroom dedicated to Ann Richards, I think if she was able to see it, she would very much appreciate it. Every time I see the mural, I can’t help but to notice how beautiful and detailed the mural is, that I feel like I have also learned to pay attention to details in other things as well. I see how much of impact it has created for me, and I’m sure its done so as well for others. Good job girls, I’m really proud of this work! – Erika C.

  5. i always wondered how and why the bathrooms were closed. I had to run all the way to the other side where Mr. Henderson’s room is. I love the way you guys chose the state flower to add to the mural. This was a great idea to add some “oomf” to our school bathrooms, some color and change is always good.

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