The Time is Nigh (stormy)

Hey World,

Been a while ehh? So, I bet you’ve heard from my partner the project came to a point where much like Alexis Carrington from Dynasty I wanted to slap everybody. But, unlike Alexis I did no such thing. We reached a point in our project where… let’s just say we have restarted again. I feel as if every blog post I’ve posted the past few months were telling y’all that my group and I had to restart sooo close to the due date.

After months of working on this project we had to restart last week. Leaving less than two weeks for us to finish. As of this week though… in case you were wondering, we have until Friday. You heard it here first folks, the time now, it is THE final countdown. We have 5 days and counting for all of our hard work to be due.

But, I believe in myself as well as my group. I have worked with the group of girls a multitude of times, and every time it has been a success. I don’t see there being a problem with how we use our time, or the quality of work. I have seen each member of my group excel independently in every class, as well as in group projects with others. I have these girls accomplish so much in less time.

We’ve scrapped a lot. Our first project of a first aid kit, that was ultimately on the track to being completed, that set our group almost an entire month, but we have gone above and beyond at trying to meet our “advisors” standards, wants, and needs multiple times. We have prepped and almost completed multiple outlets for students and teachers to be knowledgeable about the maker space. We have worked the way we were told to in the beginning by using trial and error. We didn’t get very far. But, the moment we worked the way we knew we could excel we were finishing everything in a speedy manner.

I don’t doubt that in this week my group and I will create something that appeals to the masses. I hope all of y’all are well, and that we have the opportunity to share our final product with you during this Friday’s Make-O-Rama. Sooo…. 43a03599c50b7a1b2bf11f1d42ba0235. It will be heathers.

****Disclaimer: There are a lot of 80’s references so i thought I would finish them off with picto-sentences.****

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