It’s so close we can almost taste it- Claudia V.

Greetings from the Comfort4U team and myself! It’s been quite a while since I have found myself posting a blog, and it feels so good to be back. Currently, our team is on the road to the first annual Make-O-Rama, which is quickly approaching. The Make-O-Rama gives our team the opportunity to showcase our design. Every single member, and each of department of the Comfort4U, marketing, researching/testing, and manufacturing, have worked extremely hard to make our seat cover design a success. The Comfort4U company takes pride in original comfort innovation, and together we have created a seat cover for AISD students that would provide the comfortable needs they desire, as well as take on educational innovation. Come to think of it, our team never named our design. It should’ve been something we should’ve done in the beginning, but hey, it’s never too late right? Well after after a lot of thought, the team has come to a unanimous vote. The Comfort4U company gladly presents the COMFORT CUSHION.

The final product of the Comfort4U seat cover design, Comfort Cushion.
The final product of the Comfort4U seat cover design, Comfort Cushion.

After quite a few sewing complications, or a lot, our first prototype has been completed, thanks to our team of manufactures (Amanda, Brianna, and Gabriela O.). I am extremely proud of how it turned out because it was just exactly how the original Comfort4U team had envisioned it to be. I’m glad our team was able to expand because with the help of our team of manufacturers and researches we were able to successfully complete our design. The research team was able to do testing on a group of approximately 30 Ann Richards School students, and the Comfort Cushion thus far has proved to be successful. It seems that the students really seemed to enjoy sitting on our seat cover. To read and learn more about the testing process, as well as the results, you may take a quick visit to Kaiyla’s blog post. Kaiyla, alongside Deanna, were in charge of the testing aspect of our design, and I believe they did an excellent job, so props to them!

This is Gabriela O. and Amanda C. working together to do some finishing touches to the first Comfort Cushion prototype.

As of right now, the Comfort4U is preparing for the Make-O-Rama, so we could proudly showcase our final product. Each of the teams departments will have something to showcase in regards to “their specialty,” however, together we will be able to present our final thing. When the Comfort4U team started back in August/September, it consisted of four girls only, and now the team has expanded, gaining five more incredible girls. It’s been a long journey, but as the day of the Make-O-Rama is approaching, we are realizing that the end is so close. It has been a true pleasure working alongside such an amazing team, and I am excited to see where our design goes in the future.

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