Production Lab Crew -R.Carter

Hello, as of lately our group which is creating a manual has experienced some frustration, however that will not stop us from producing great work that will make us proud or anybody else. On Tuesday, there was a hands on training session on how to actually use the tools instead of just researching what we find online and I found the time to be useful for us. Below you will see pictures of some of the drill bits that we learned about for the the drill press or hand drill.

Bits for the hand drill.
Bits for the hand drill.
Bits for the drill press.
Bits for the drill press.

I believe the new change of direction for this project was a change for the better because as a group we established what needs to be done and how exactly we were going to go about fixing the solution.In this case the problem is trying to make the production lab safe for everyone including the younger students. Our previous way of going about making the production was not as effective, making it harder for us and everyone else. Even though a lot of work was done, we had to take into account that when this would be showed to kids in middle school they would not focus long as some have a short attention span. Our mindset was to establish something that would catch their eye but yet straight to the point so they can understand what the actual document was about.

With the fair coming up so quickly, I believe our group can create something that would be helpful for all age groups and simple enough with pictures included to lead people step-by-step for the most important machines. Even with the frustrations, I still enjoyed working on this project and would gladly do it again, but in a different way to make it easier on ourselves and everyone else.

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  1. Hi,
    Ramesha, I’m so jealous you go tlern how to use the tools in the makerspace. I apologize for not being able to be there. But, your blog post really helped me catch up and understand what you did that day. Thank you. –Stormy

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