Prepping for Make-o-Rama –Oceane M

The make-o-rama is coming right around the corner so we’ve been packing up our days with cooking. We have all of our recipes written up and posted in our cookbook and we’re in the process of adding all of our pictures as well. We’ve made nearly all of our recipes so far and we’re having a cooking day this Saturday to hopefully finish up the remaining dishes.

On Tuesday we presented our semi final draft of our cookbook to the class. This was good practice for our final presentation, and we had our peers give us advice on potential improvements. One idea was to mention which substitutes to use or what could be added if anyone wanted to add meat to a recipe. Our cookbook is geared towards vegetarians because Isha and Anjali are both vegetarians, however in many of our recipes it is possible to sub in meat for tofu and that’s something we would like to mention in our recipes.

Screenshot of our recipe page for vegetarian ghugni. This is one of our latest additions to our cookbook.
Screenshot of our recipe page for vegetarian ghugni. This is one of our latest additions to our cookbook.

Since the last time we posted, we added a glossary to the index of our cookbook. This was a last minute idea when Isha and Anjali realized that people like me may not be aware of what certain Indian spices are. We also added in all of our health benefits that we didn’t previously have to our recipes. This is our biomedical aspect of our cookbook, and a lot of our recipes are healthy and provide several benefits for your health. In addition we wrote in our descriptions of each region and added them into the cover pages of each region.

One issue we ran into when adding the pictures of our recipes was taking pictures off of our class’s haiku page. Isha uploaded several of our photos onto our haiku page but when I tried to drag them onto the cookbook the images blurred and the quality went down significantly. None of us know why this occurred but from now on the pictures need to be sent through email to upload onto the cookbook.

Screenshot of our Dhal Curry recipe. We made this with the help of Isha's mom.
Screenshot of our Dhal Curry recipe. We made this with the help of Isha’s mom.

Overall we are in a good place for the make-o-rama. Our cookbook looks clean and professional, and we only have a handful of recipes left to make which we will hopefully be done with on Saturday. We are thinking of directing our marketing audience to be teenagers and college students because these are easy-to-make recipes that could help students stay healthy as they go off to college.

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  1. I am really impressed with your Cookbook. I think it’s something that is quite fun and different. Health is definitely something we should all continue to keep in mind as we head off to college, I mean we don’t want to have to worry about that freshman 15. Am I right? I think you guys are headed towards the right direction on who should your main audience be, however this cookbook could be for anyone really. I will definitely use some of the recipes you guys have included in college. It’s something new for me, and I’m excited to see your final product at the Make-O-Rama! -Claudia V.

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