Getting Ready for the Big Day / Asbestos’d – Sophie Penniman

It’s mid-April, and the end is near! The end of school, that is. We’re all beyond ready to graduate, but there’s a lot of things we have to do first. One of those events is the Make-o-rama on April 24th. This school-wide day of making will be where we showcase our (hopefully) finished products. We’ve been making a lot of progress and I think we should have  fairly nice product ready to show off for the big day, but there’s one big problem. We’re making yoga mat racks, so we had planned to install them in the small gym where we do yoga. However, this was before the water / AC leak in the small gym that led to massive buckling of the floor and exposure to asbestos. Asbestos! Yeah!

The small gym shortly before it was closed off. That buckling has now spread to the rest of the gym. Original photo.
Another view of the damage. Original photo.

So now the small gym’s closed for the rest of the year, and short of donning full hazmat suits, we can’t really do anything in there. We had thought about installing our racks on the walls outside the small gym instead, but there’s not really enough space there.

So, the other day we met with Mrs. Waugh to decide what to do. She agreed with us that it was pretty near impossible for us to do any installation right now. What we came up with was that our group would do as much as we could to finish the storage system, and then someone else would install them next year after we graduate. This is good news in part for us because it’s less work for us in an already very stressful time of year (Capstone presentations! AP testing! Finals! Oh my!). But at the same time, we all have slightly mixed feelings about leaving our hard work to be installed by someone else without our supervision. Since we’ll all be going to different corners of the country (California, Iowa, and Massachusetts, most likely), we won’t be anywhere close to ARS next year.

It its what it is, though. Even if the racks are installed by a bunch of seventh graders (or not at all), we’ve learned a lot from this project and had a great time working on it.

And we’ll be looking forward to the Make-O-Rama with some stress but a lot of excitement.

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  1. I think that this is a wonderful idea that I had not thought of at all. During yoga I do notice that the mats are not put away in a nice manner or nice order. Seeing other people throw their mats in the basket causes other people to put their mat away in a disorganized manner. I don’t necessarily think that the rack your team is building has to be in the small gym, I think that you all could consider putting the racks in the locker room or even class rooms. The racks should not be huge or bulky. Over all this is a nice idea and I’m glad that people are doing something about it. -Brianna Cruz

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