RAD Alarm Co. R.Villescaz

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry that I have been away too long. I have very EXCITING news for R.A.D. Alarm Co. We have been through the maker cycle multiple times and we are excited to show y’all the end project.

Talking to our instructor about real time deadlines, we have decided to make a Rube Goldberg inspired coffee maker. Maybe it’s the engineering passion in me, but I am a little too excited for this machine. So our new problem is not how/when we tell our machine to start brewing coffee, rather how the coffee will replenish itself with the consuming products. So what a better way to solve this problem than a RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE!!!!!!

If you are not sure what a rube goldberg machine is, let me enlighten you! These amazing and historic machines were named after Rube Goldberg who was born 1883 in San Francisco. He was an author, cartoonist, and a sculptor. He received most attention for his hilarious political cartoons and inventions. He would use household objects such as arms, gears, handles, cups, and rods to do a simple task like get the cotton out of an aspirin bottle. Or, how to be your own dentist.


We are planning to do something inspired by the magnificent Mr. Goldberg to put in our coffee and water every morning. We plan to show this at the Maker Fair and have a contest to see who can make a machine with household objects that will be supplied. Desiree and I are extremely excited to get our brains pulled and twisted in order to get our coffee brewin’!

I expect to gain a different engineering perspective fro this, because the last time I made a Rube Goldberg Machine was in the eighth grade. I Expect this to be resume worthy!

P.S. Desiree is very excited. Very.


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  1. I would really like to see your Rube Goldberg machine turns out. I’ve always want to make a successful one. I am wondering how it will brew coffee, because that requires, heat and water. I’m just curious and excited to see your final product. If its successful I would like to buy one. 😉 Good luck on the construction part.

    -Savannah Peña

  2. Leidy Contreras- I love this idea! I’ve been very excited about the idea of having coffee already made for you once you wake up from a nap or your sleep. I am wondering how your final product would look, and I would love to try your Rube Goldberg machine. I would advice you to use more mechanical techniques and instead of using plastic material try something different, because if your coffee is extremely hot with time the plastic may have a reaction to the hot water. But I love your idea and I believe it will be very beneficial to all. Good Luck and keep up the good work!!

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