Approaching the Finishline by Amanda Campos

Hello! Greetings from everyone apart of Comfort4U! Here’s a quick update of how my part of the team have been doing.

Thus far we’ve completed our prototype and have begun new projects as asked from the head honchos of Comfort4U. We’ve been assigned with the job of creating a new google sketchup and a brochure/instructional pamphlet that will teach others how to recreate are exact design. And exciting news both were completed today!

I’ll fill you in on how finishing our prototype ended. We ended up having to switch our sewing machines so we had to learn how to setup the machine from the start. Include how to make a spool and how to reinsert it. That ended up being really difficult and thats what most of our time was spent on but after we got it going we were able to finish our prototype quickly because we already had gotten the hang of it by then. We were a bit worried about how we should sew the corners of the cushion since our instructor Ms.Miesner usually helps us but we were able to figure it out. She would’ve been proud of us.

I personally did the google sketchup. We already had a google sketchup however it wasn’t exactly how our final product looked so we created another. The sketchup just gives more of an idea of the size of our cushion and the general look of it and where exactly the straps go.

Front of top cushion
Front of top cushion
Back of top cushion
Back of top cushion
Side view of bottom cushion
Side view of bottom cushion
Bottom cushion at an angle
Bottom cushion at an angle

As you can see from the above images the google sketchup was actually pretty easy to make especially if you have prior experience.

Next off we created our brochure. One person was in charge of putting it all together but we all sat together and decided what we did and did not need to include. For example we made sure to include all the materials we needed and we were thinking about including all the steps on how to actually sew and get the sewing machine ready however we thought it was best just to point out that prior knowledge of sewing would be needed. We also made sure to include which order the pieces of fabric should be sewn and how much fabric you should use so that you don’t run out of room to sew or end up having too much.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


*all pictures taken by myself or screen shotted by myself

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  1. I think your idea is really nice and a unique way to use a cushion. I can see your thought process and I commend you on figuring things out yourselves. Your group sounds like they’re getting a lot done and I’m sure you all will be doing great things in the near future.

    I have a link here that may help, it is a quick little guide of many hand and machine sewing styles and what they’re best used for, how strong they hold, and it’s a cute little article to read.

    Good luck on your future endeavors!

    — Alana Calles

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