I hate the new look…. – Zane T.

Yellow, here at the end of the end of the end and we’re sort of organized and accomplishing stuff. Though I haven’t been to class in what seems like forever (college visit completely necessary) and all we did last class was sand and sand and sand (it reminded me of filing my nails….and me breathe in sawdust – is it still called sawdust even if you didn’t use a saw?). I quite literally took off over a centimeter overhang on the wood (nothing we chopped was ever quite even or straight, although we did our best – by we I mean Ms. Joe and Karrie – I still avoid the evil spinning saw of death that even Ms. Joe has issues with sometimes). Before that (it feels necessary to provide somewhat of an update as I’m not sure when the last blog post was…) we were assembling the birdhouse and attempting to make it nicely sealed and glued (nope, glue everywhere). As of now, it has all the sides, though there are gaps you can see through and the pieces aren’t quite flush occasionally (though it’s pretty close) but it should be fixable. We also need to add the little plexiglass door with the hinges and hook and eye, but we don’t quite know how…
My group seems fairly optimistic about all this, and they seem (at least a little) to believe that we can finish and have a decent product and finish painting quickly and make it presentable, but I have my doubts. Mostly based on our severely limited knowledge of building and the level of our inexperience. Our teacher is there to help, but she has other things to do and somehow things have the tendency to go wrong ( we swear we measured it right and drew a straight line, but it was so crooked in the end…).
Though I suppose at least we’ll give it our best shot and attempt to have some sort of finished tiny library. With this one, I think the goal is to sell it, and leave the work of having it registered with the official Little Free Library peeps to whoever wants it. Karrie plans on getting the instructable started while us art peeps paint (possibly an Alice in Wonderland theme). Though we still need paint….
Also, sorry for the lack of pictures, I’ve been out of the loop and haven’t taken any recently. You’ll just have to imagine the monstrosity that probably isn’t as bad as I think it is. But then again, maybe it’s worse.
See ya never, hope this sadly short blog blurb is bearable.

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  1. Zane I loved reading your blog post. It was actually really funny. Hmm well I have some questions… before you started building did you create a google sketchup? If so maybe on your next post you can include some photos because I’m imagining what you’re trying to create but I don’t know if I’m actually thinking right. Understand? I don’t know if I’m being clear. I also wanted to tell you that I’m sure you’ll finish your product on time! I mean it doesn’t have to be perfect. Nothing ever will be just make it as good as you can. Also to solve your problem of inhaling saw dust maybe you could wear a mask. That’s probably a lot safer. Anyways I enjoyed your writing have a nice day!

    -Amanda Campos

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