What Are We Testing?- Deanna

Now that our innovative design of a seat cushion is now ready to be tested, what are we exactly testing? We are testing the comfort level of the product. This will be measured using qualitative and quantitative computations. With the qualitative measurements being the ranking of the product by a personal feel. The test subjects will rank the comfort of the seat cover/cushion feel from a scale of one to ten. This will show a comparison from a regular chair to our seat cover. The quantitative measurement will be the distance of elasticity (centimeters) from the compression of the act of sitting. This measurement will be used to see if the pressure is caught by the cushion using measurement tape. The distribution of pressure will also be tested by using multiple dual range sensors. The sensors would be able to measure force (newtons)  at several points, with and without the cushion to show contrast in force. The sensors will be set up as a matrix to gather information about the distribution of force. The matrix of force will be hypothesized before to see which areas will be affected greater that others by the force of sitting.

Sitting in comfrot4uchair

I believe our product will be more comfortable to sit in than a regular school chair. This will improve sitting posture and cause less strain on the back and buttox. This will allow for better ergonomics, and difference in learning. In an article by Belle Beth Cooper, hormone levels are altered by an individual’s posture. A decrease in cortisol and an increase in testosterone are noticed when posture is poor. This ratio is linked to leadership abilities and disease resistance.

The next steps that are in progress are advertising our product and start to test the product to gather data. This will be down within the week to alter what needs to be altered to make this product as efficient and satisfying as possible. Also, we want our product to be affordable, unlike some cushions already on the market.

one of our ads in progress:FOREVERYTHING DIGITAL

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