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As a group we have made a considerate amount of progress in finalizing the outline and the research for the book, that will very soon be put together with iBooks Author. We have decided to use iBook Author as a template for the BioEthics Ebook because it is very organized and one is able to be very creative with the design of the Ebook. It is easy to use once you know what each tool is meant for. With this I can teach my team members how to use the application so we can all contribute to the making of the book. There is a lot that is going into the book so it is important that the group stays on track with the schedule that was agreed upon.

Working On Citations

Task have been assigned to each team member by the beginning of each week, and we are working on covering all angles since the deadline is very close. With the effort that is being put into the book I am sure that it will be able to have some affect on those who read the Ebook. I am very thrilled about the fact that others will be reading the book. I was thinking that a small powerpoint showing the main ideas behind the ebook and the purpose would be a good way to go about presenting the book.




Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 6.15.49 PM
Getting a handle on the application

I have been looking into what iBooks to get used to the app so the group can progress quicker when adding all of the contents, and putting the book together. The app has a lot that can be used to customize the Ebook. With the tools that are on the application the book can look even more aesthetically appealing, which is a bonus for the readers. In being so close to finalizing the contents of the book we will begin to move forward along the process, which is very exciting!

Doctor-patient relationship quote

Picture from here.

The above is a quote about doctor-patient relationships, which one of the topics that are going to be incorporated in to the book. In coming across this quote it made me really think about what a doctor-patient relationship is and what it means. Having a cross word puzzle at the end of each chapter will help the readers reflect on what was said during each chapter.

Zabdi goes more in-depth with the topics in the her blog post, make sure to check that out!

Some questions:

What kind of learner are you?

Would incorporating illustrations be more beneficial to the readers?

Would you be interested in learning more about Bioethics?

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