Paint Brings Troubles- Lourdes Cruz

Well we’ve finally started moving forward in our restroom re design. We were really hopeful for trying to finish all or at least more of the restrooms. We sat down and actually re did our calculations because Ms. Miesner advised us that we wouldn’t need fourteen gallons of paint like we originally though. We re-did our math again and it turns out that we should have divided by twelve before we multiplied everything out. Now turns out that we don’t even need one full gallon. We went on a small field trip to Home Depot where we actually decided on the colors we needed and to get expert advice on confirming the amount of paint we needed and the type of paint we needed. It was helpful because the color we though we should have gotten wasn’t as bright. We didn’t end up buying any paint because our design wasn’t set to stone. We came back to class the next day and Georgia had a good idea about just creating a Texas theme background since Ann Richards was the Texas governor.

There were a lot of really pretty backgrounds and landscapes. but unfortunately we didn’t even think about the fact that these were photographs and its not easy to copy a photograph. We looked up paintings and we even went to go take a close up of an actually blue bonnet.

An Actual Painting
An Actual Painting

They’re a lot more complex than we had ever though. We tried to each draw one after our miserable attempt of drawing a huge one. We all had different ideas of what we saw and we realized that if we wanted to do one painting we had to have one system in place so that we had the same bluebonnets. We even thought about asking one of our very artistic friend to make an outline of it and we would just paint it. But we realized that it would interfere with her trying to finish her own project so we kept on trying. Finally we decided on a simpler bluebonnet. Instead of making a field we would only make about four different huge ones. We took Ms. Miesner’s advice and we put the bluebonnets in a presentation and project it unto the board and just trace them. We are going to try to make a stencil out of the traced flower and then trace it again unto the restrooms. That way we have it a lot more planned out and we make no mistakes.

This is our very artistic friend
This is our very artistic friend

Its really important that we really are sure about what we are doing because paint is expensive and we don’t want to waste it.

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  1. I think y’all are doing awesome work! I actually didn’t know this is what your group decided to do, and I’m excited to see what happens. Our restroom(s) should definitely be pretty and creative. Imagine if all the sections of our school were painted differently and then our whole school was like this whole art museum? How fun would it be to go a school like that? Kind of distracting, but very pretty. I think the project idea is really smart, and it helps with the consistency of your bluebonnets. Have you considered what bluebonnet design you want to use? I think that maybe a paint by numbers bluebonnet drawing would be a good idea, because that way even if you have experience with painting or not you can get the shadows and highlights that are on bluebonnets so that they have a realistic animated look to them. I think you shouldn’t give up on asking the “artsy” people of our school to help, I for one would love to help your group paint, or even if we can’t help paint we can always answer questions the best to our abilities. Also don’t be afraid to go and talk to Mr. Smith he is extremely talented and creative, and even if your not in his class he is always willing to help.

    -Libertad Escobar

    Bluebonnet Paint by Numbers:

    Finger Painting Bluebonnets (if you want to have a few small ones to fill in space, or they could be a really cute wall border on the top)

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