Fun Cubbies, The Building Process- Jennifer Martinez

The week before spring break, I was not able to do anything besides working on the deliverable because I had surgery. The previous weeks before that, our team started the process of creating the Fun Cubbies product. We started to build the front doors for the cubbies and also I was able to finish the final design on Google Sketchup with the designs of the doors that we would be creating and I also added a background image.

Mrs. Jo helping our group cut our doors for the cubbies.
Mrs. Jo helping our group cut our doors for the cubbies.

What our team needs to do now, is order the materials in order to finish building the product. The process towards building the Fun Cubbies will involve our team gathering and ordering our materials needed. Some of the materials that we are considering to use are; any type of sturdy wood, chalk paint for the doors, dry erase paint for the doors as well, cherrywood pain in order to make the product match with the colors of the house. Because our corners for the cubbies are going to be rounded, we were thinking of sanding off the edges to make them as round as they could get instead of just leaving them at a straight corner edge. The reason why we decided to use any type of wood was because we wanted to save money by just purchasing any type of wood material that would be sturdy enough to hold a backpack and in a lunchbox. In order to make sure that the color of the cubbies doesn’t stand out and take away the view from the house or the backyard, we have decided to paint the cubbies with a similar color of the house but a bit lighter in order to make sure that it doesn’t simply blend in with the color of the house.

Wall in which the cubbies are going to be placed.
Wall in which the cubbies are going to be placed.

The reason why we want to make sure that the cubbies end up with at least a slight curve is because the product is meant to be for a younger audience and the design we created for this product is in the image of a puzzle. This design is also meant to be appealing to the younger audience. Overall, we as a team are very excited to be finally working on physically building our final design for the makers fair and just seeing our design in real life. It is always a good feeling when you see your designs coming to life and being able to know that we were able to come through with our design and product and create a life like model that maybe someday be innovated or picked up by someone else and be completely built and sold to other customers.

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