Issues of the Orientation Manual- By. Savannah Ojeda

Welcome to the wonderful world of chaos for the Production Lab Crew. Recently we have completed our script for the video that we will record for safety purposes in the production lab. We are excited to begin recording the video and put our ideas together. Currently we are still working to complete the orientation manual. I feel that the orientation manual is what is giving us the most trouble, because there is so much that needs to go into it and we need to do it a certain way to keep the interest of the readers. I feel like that we bit off more than we can chew. But being the determined group that we are, we are not going to give up. As a group we are working together well in coming up with ideas to make the orientation manual great. We have taken into consideration Ms. Miesner’s ideas for making the orientation manual into a graphic manual.

Reviewing the notes as a group from Ms. Miesner.
Reviewing the notes as a group from Ms. Miesner.

As a group we hope to finish the orientation manual with in a week so that we can also start on our video and cut out of a star that we wanted to add for students to complete each task before they have use the machines or enter the production lab.

Today we are working on getting pictures of some of the tools in the production lab to add with our description in the orientation manual. We felt that it was best to get actual pictures of the tools that are in the production lab for the students to better understand the tools that we have.

Erika C. working on the orientation manual.
Erika C. working on the orientation manual.

Looking at our work from the past weeks, it may not look like we have done a whole lot, however there is plenty of time and care that is going into the orientation manual. It took us a bit to get the ball rolling with our ideas but now I feel that we are on the right track to finish our project in time. The deadline is approaching us fast and there is still a good amount to finish. I know that we can do it. I can’t wait to see our finished product and all of our hard work, and the excitement that other students will use our work and what we have worked hard on.

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  1. I agree creating manuals for anything is a tough thing to do. In my group we are currently creating a manual to how to make our product. It’s thought because we need to be really specific in order to have people fully understand how to make our product. I think the good thing with manuals is that it can also remind you how to create something that you forgot how to do.
    Gabriela Ornelaa

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